Let this news story regarding the State of New York to be a warning to those who support higher taxes.

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It’s long been known why so many yankees move further South, because they’ve about destoryed the quality of life in their old places of residence.  Yet, too often, it seems as soon as they’ve settled into their new areas, they start the same cycle all over again.  I simply do not understand that, only to say that’s a yankee for you.

This new poll showing displeasure with high taxes, poorly run schools and overcrowding should be of interest to our local elected officials who think it’s OK to keep raising taxes without a thought to the long term damage that usually results in such politics.    That’s not to say don’t raise taxes at all, but it’s obvious that it’s a lot easier to keep doing that then it is to keep costs under control.



Another reason for illegal alien supporters to celebrate.

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An illegal alien, previously deported, killed an innocent American while driving drunk.   This makes at least the 6th death in the last few months in either Prince William or Fairfax Counties at the hands of illegals.   Of course this latest crime committed by an illegal who should not be in the Country will fall on deaf ears of those who can do something about this problem.    We are under assault in our own Nation by those that do not live here and the word from our elected “leaders” is for us to just shut up and accept it.



Virginia Senate in process of voting on an E-Verify bill.

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UPDATE:  The Senate voted 29 to 10 against the House amendments.  So there goes another chance to do something about removing illegals from the Commonwealth.   I suppose the Senators who voted against this bill are fine with the crime committed by illegals.  In fact, I’m not so sure they do not do a little dance every crime they hear about that is committed by an illegal, from raping children to killing adults.


It will be interesting to see how the Senate votes on E-Verify.    Unlike in the House, there seems to be more illegal alien supporters in the Senate.   Why, I do not know, but that is why it is so hard for many bills targeting illegal aliens to pass the Senate.

General Assembly member and resident of the City of Manassas, Jackson Miller stands up to speak out against illegal aliens.

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Jackson Miller has had a pretty good record trying to fight illegal aliens.  I believe this past week just about put him over the top.  Good For Jackson. Let’s hope there are enough members of the General Assembly who feel the same way.

Local elected “official” throws own police department under the bus.

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In his zeal to defend and support criminals, Arlington County, Va board of supervisor, j. walter trejada, insults the entire police department of his very own County.   I wonder if he or his family had an emergency if he would not call his police department or if another department?   Given that he is from a third world cess pool somewhere in central America, maybe he is just confusing the Arlington County department with one from central America?  I know if I was a police officer in Arlington, I would be pretty pissed right now to be accused of racial profiling without even a hint of evidence.


Another outrage by an illegal alien and their supporters.

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Yet another innocent life has been lost  thanks to obama and his fellow illegal alien supporters at I.C.E.    An illegal alien, who was in federal custody, and undergoing the “deportation” process, was released, only to drink and drive again, after having been stopped for it twice before, and the result this time ended in the death of an innocent life.  Two other people were injured in the crash that occurred at 8:00AM.   The people responsible for allowing this criminal free should no longer have jobs with the Federal Government, and should face some sort of charges for their actions.

Too often the supporters of illegals make excuse after excuse for illegals.  Time and time again, they excuse the actions of illegals.   It’s time to not only round up the illegals, but also their supporters.  Our Nation would be much better off for it.


Hopefully this decision from AG will help combat illegal immigration here in Virginia.

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Once again our AG, Ken Cuccinelli, is showing great leadership on trying to fight illegal aliens.  In a move that will surely upset the illegal supporters, Cuccinelli has provided that law enforcement officers in the Commonwealth may inquire about the legal status of people they come into contact with.  The Federal Government clearly has no stomach to enforce immigration law, and therefore the burden has been placed on the States, and as usual Virginia is ready to lead.


Stewart stands up to obama and holder.

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It’s good to see leadership on the issue of illegal immigration.  If the federal government were enforcing immigration laws, States would not have to.


Bad politicians.

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From the local level to the Federal level, one aspect of bad governance is bad politicians.   These people run only for self gain and to  have their  over bloated ego’s stroked.  They care not for history, for the people or communities they are supposed to represent.  They of course have many supporters, but, once you start to investigate, these people are usually tied to the politician through business and or other ties, simply looking out for their own best interest, and that’s pretty much it.  Oh, they wax on about how great these politicians are, etc, but it’s all fluff, and no substance.

Take a look at Chicago for example, it has a reputation of having a very corrupt style  of politics because everyone is in on it.  However, it’s not only found in large Cities but in small Cities as well.    When politicians ask why there is not more interest in local politics, they would do well to look themselves in the mirror and ask why that is.

Feds: $100 million lost to mortgage fraud in Va. | Washington Examiner

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While the MSM has focused on the evil banks and greedy Wall Street firms while talking about the economic melt down, they have pretty much ignored the illegal alien aspect of the melt down.   This story has all the earmarks of illegals(multiple families in the same house) being able to obtain mortgages by criminal action.  

Feds: $100 million lost to mortgage fraud in Va. | Washington Examiner.

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