Head of Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools Expresses Regret for Controversial Incident – Political Punch

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How this guy is able to maintain his job is beyond me.    Once again the vetting process of the obama administration needs to be questioned, and this is yet another radical he has decided to embrace. 


Head of Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools Expresses Regret for Controversial Incident – Political Punch

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Without Bush, media lose interest in war caskets | Washington Examiner

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Funny how the press and the left, really one

and the same,were all over President Bush for

hiding the true cost of the war.   Now, that there

is a liberal in the White House, that true cost does not matter.

Does obama get criticized for playing golf or taking too many vacation days like President Bush did?   Nope, he gets a pass from the press.  

 and the press wonder why people have a huge trust

issue with them.  

Without Bush, media lose interest in war caskets | Washington Examiner

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More fear mongering from the left.

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Another liberal warns of violence due to the health care debate. 

Patrick Kennedy, the son of the late Ted Kennedy, is following in the foot steps of blinky, whom just two weeks ago warned of violence during the heath care debate.    Not only is this fear mongering of the worst type, since there has been nowhere near the type of violence these two nitwits claim might happen, but I wonder where he was for the past eight years, when President Bush faced protesters from the left.  I don’t recall either blinky or Kennedy asking for people to tone down their rhetoric against Bush. 

Furthermore, I guess Kennedy did not watch the news last week to see the violent G-20 protesters where the military had to help out the local Pittsburgh Police because of the protesters.   But, again because those protesters are liberal anti-Capitalists, Kennedy apparently has not issues with them.  But, by God, let people peacefully protest in Washington DC, and it’s equal to political assassinations. 

Equally appalling is the fact Kennedy says people should not attack the motives of those pushing for a Government health care system, when it’s his fellow liberals are doing that very thing to people who oppose the health care bill by saying people are only against because they are racist.   Talk about projecting. 

The goal of such tactics is to shut down debate and to smear anyone who might speak out against the Government plan.    Well, sorry Patrick, that is not going to happen.  Americans are not going to be scared into not speaking out against a bad  plan.



More crime associated with illegal aliens.

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The supporters of illegals like to say these people are just here to do jobs Americans refuse to do.  They say the are otherwise “law” abiding, etc.   They never focus on the larger picture, which is in addition to being here illegally, all sorts of problems are associated with illegal aliens.  From overcrowding, to driving without licenses, to the following type of crime.  

Now, if we had immigration enforcement, we would not have to deal with such crimes, but because the Federal Government has decided to only pay lip service to immigration enforcement, these types of crimes are growing.    It’s past time we start enforcement of our laws and rid the Nation of illegals. 


EDITORIAL: At the president’s pleasure – Washington Times

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I guess when you’ve appointed a self proclaimed communist(though now he claims to not be one) , Van Jones, to a White House position, appointing a person encouraging a sexual relationship between a minor and an adult is not a concern at all.    Exactly how is this person going to make our schools any safer?  

Again, the question needs to be asked, why does obama have so many ties to radicals?   Why did the media cover for him and hide all of these associations during the campaign?  Really they are rhetorical questions.    However, if not for this editorial, I know I would not have known about this guy.  It’s not surprising to see the media continue to cover for obama, but it really cements the liberal bias of the media.  

They were late to the Van Jones story, the acorn story, and now it appears to this story.   


EDITORIAL: At the president’s pleasure – Washington Times

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Liberals seek health-care access for illegals – Washington Times

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Here we go again.  One would think these libs would only have concern for American Citizens, but it seems they don’t.   The job market is in the dumps for the foreseeable future, the economy is only slightly improving.   Yet, these libs want to reward law breaking by giving illegals access to health care.    Any incentive to allow illegals to stay means more job losses for American Citizens, and higher costs in other parts of the system for illegals.

    How much could our City save  if we had fewer illegals in the school system?   When you consider they cost almost 1.5 times more to educate in an esl class then in a regular class the money starts to add up quickly.  Now extend that to all the school systems in the Nation. 

Never mind the fact obama when right called out by Joe Wilson took steps to insure illegals would not be included in the bill.  


Liberals seek health-care access for illegals – Washington Times

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Higher electric bills on the way for Manassas.

September 27, 2009 at 9:50 pm | Posted in City of Manassas | 2 Comments

Like everything  else, the cost to heat, light and cool our residences is going up.  The key of course is to try and limit the increases and to spread them out over many years to avoid huge spikes in increases.  

 I would like to know why the City will not be able to use the diesel generator any longer during peak power periods.   According to the article that is going to cost the City 6 million dollars.  Ouch.


More liberal indoctrination planned?

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I wonder why obama wants a longer school year?  Is it so kids will be brainwashed into singing songs about Dear leader?  Will it be so they will be taught longer by the liberal NEA, who only care about getting more money for their members, which of course will happen if the school year is increased.   Ya, lets open schools on the weekend, that way the Government will be in control of children for longer hours.   

The reason why many kids are not getting a good education these days is because of the NEA, the entire dumbing down of the curriculum, and too many illegals in the public school system.   It does not matter how many hours a student might spend in class, they will not become smarter if they are not being taught what they need to exceed in the World.  

Local and State budgets simply can’t afford to spend more on schools, and surely the Feds can’t either.  However, because obama sees the Government as the solution to every problem, he does not see the lack of money to spend as an issue. 


More unemployment trouble.

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First off, I suppose it’s a bit ironic the Dems target the young.  It also should be pointed out that this group supported obama is pretty sizable numbers.  And, how are they rewarded?  By not getting jobs, and a President who wants to reward illegals with Citizenship which will lead to even more illegals coming here and more job competition for fewer jobs. 


Many of the socialist European Nations have had decades of lower employment for this same age group.  And like there, obama places the Government above the private sector in attempting to fix the economy.   If something is not done soon, we will have a permanent class of unemployment.

NewsBusted 9/25/09 ? Comedy News from the Right

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NewsBusted 9/25/09 ? Comedy News from the Right

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