More waste by the City Council.

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The Council wants to hire a PR person to send out releases regarding the City and schools.  Well, given the amount of bad news of late regarding both, I’m not surprised the Council would like to start a propaganda, errr, pr campaign in order to try to take the focus off the negative news.  However, if we have to pay for fluff pieces, the horse is too far down the road to call back, and we have larger issues than that.


What the City Council can do though to make  improvements is to get rid of the silly agreement that gives the school system a certain amount of the overall general funds regardless if it is needed or not, and to pass laws that crackdown on illegals living in the City.  No amount of spin is going to change the public perception of the City if we continue to have crimes tied to illegals and a failing school system.


Border Patrol Controls Just 44 Percent of South – US News and World Report

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Border Patrol Controls Just 44 Percent of South – US News and World Report.


This has to be a joke, right?  The administration has spent the last two years, in part trying to gain support for amnesty, telling us the border is in good shape, not perfect, but better than ever before.   Just weeks ago big Sis said the same.  Is it any wonder we have so many illegals, and why so many States and local Governments feel they have to enact laws to combat illegal aliens.

2010 in review

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The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 264 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 582 posts.

The busiest day of the year was May 20th with 142 views. The most popular post that day was obama supports open borders. .

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Some visitors came searching, mostly for citizen of manassas, citizen of manassas blog, manassas blog, citizenofmanassas, and education sec urged staff: go to sharpton rally.

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obama supports open borders. May 2010
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Education secretary urged his employees to go to Sharpton’s rally | Washington Examiner August 2010


obama does believe people can make too much money. April 2010


National intelligence director resigning – May 2010


Could what happened at Live Oak High school happen here in the City of Manassas. May 2010

Racist judge appears to be able to keep job.

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One wonders what the reaction would be if a white judge used such language when referring to a black man.

Nine years later and it still feels like yesterday.

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More trouble on the way for obama?

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It seems maybe obama believes he is still in Chicago and therefore sleazy politics is just the norm.

It’s a good thing our Southern Border is secured.

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According to the current administration, our Southern Border with Mexico is as secure as it has ever been.  Furthermore, the only people trying to get across the border are hard working folks who are being forced to by U.S. businesses.   So, it comes as a complete surprise to see the administration release this memo today.

Bad politicians.

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From the local level to the Federal level, one aspect of bad governance is bad politicians.   These people run only for self gain and to  have their  over bloated ego’s stroked.  They care not for history, for the people or communities they are supposed to represent.  They of course have many supporters, but, once you start to investigate, these people are usually tied to the politician through business and or other ties, simply looking out for their own best interest, and that’s pretty much it.  Oh, they wax on about how great these politicians are, etc, but it’s all fluff, and no substance.

Take a look at Chicago for example, it has a reputation of having a very corrupt style  of politics because everyone is in on it.  However, it’s not only found in large Cities but in small Cities as well.    When politicians ask why there is not more interest in local politics, they would do well to look themselves in the mirror and ask why that is.

Dems run from obama.

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It seems that even some Dems are honest enough to admit obama is not good for their reelection chances.   At least it took 6 years for Bush to end up in the same position, not less than two as it is for obama.   But, that’s what happens when we have a president like obama who is so out of of touch.


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