More bad news for mexico.

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Oh sure, we have our bad cops too, and of course they need to be weeded out.  However, we also are not in the same boat as mexico, who is facing a serious issue when it comes to corrupted law enforcement, elected officials, etc.   One of the reasons mexico sends millions of their citizens north each year is because of decades of poor economic policies and public corruption.    It’s one thing dealing with a poor Government, it’s another when dealing with drug gangs.   I’ll say it now, within ten years, mexico will turn into an unlivable hell hole.   Our entire Southern border will be gone in a matter of weeks, millions of mexicans will pour across it and we’ll be stuck with having to take care of them.


Education secretary urged his employees to go to Sharpton’s rally | Washington Examiner

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Education secretary urged his employees to go to Sharpton’s rally | Washington Examiner.

Funny, how obama said he ignored the Glenn Beck “rally” but somehow a Cabinet official knew about a much smaller one hosted by a person who hatched a hate crime hoax.   Though, I guess for obama, hanging around racists is not new, when you consider whose church he attended for twenty years.    It’s also a good example of why we need to get rid of the Department of Education if this is the kind of hate that is practiced within the department.

State Department issues first of a kind warning for U.S. Diplomats in Mexico.

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I’m sure glad we have such a good relationship with mexico and view their citizens as a vital part of our economy.   I wonder how we would we treat them if it were not for political correctness.   I suspect it won’t be long before this warning is extended to more parts of the narco-state.

Another sign our Southern border is not safe.

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While the defenders of illegals from South of the border like to point out the Southern border gets all the attention and why is the northern border with Canada treated differently?   Well, here is another reason.  When was the last time you heard of a drug gang war involving Canadians that were shooting across the border?   Ya, I’ve never heard a case like that either. But on our Southern border it seems to happen way too often.  Of course the obama is not going to do a thing about it.

More evidence obama supports illegals.

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I guess just breaking immigration law is not enough to get an illegal deported, it’s only after they commit a “serious” crime will obama’s DHS attempt to deport them.  It’s nice to know that obama cares so little about the rule of law and Americans that he is willing to allow illegals to run rampant in our Country without fear of being deported, and only after they have harmed an American will they face deportation.

As if we do not already have enough reasons to close off our Southern border.

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Want a preview of what could be coming to America soon if we do not shut down the border with mexico?   mexico is a now a narco-state.   It won’t be long before there is a mass migration from there.  The only question is if the Federal Government allows millons of more to come here, or if we will close off the border.

Another spending spree by obama.

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not happy with two previous attempts at using tax payer money to bail out home owners who are past due on their mortgage payments, obama once again believes using even more money will help this time.  Never mind the failures of the other two programs, obama keeps spending and spending.  Of course he is on record as saying the Federal Government needs to stop spending as much money as they do, and that we can’t keep spending money like it’s monopoly money.

Until he stands out of the way and allows the economy to be driven by the private sector and not the Government, he can come up with any number of government programs and they will all fail.   There is nothing in his spending spree that is going to create jobs, and in the end, it’s just going to add to the debt with no hope of ever getting the money back.

Another outrage by an illegal alien and their supporters.

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Yet another innocent life has been lost  thanks to obama and his fellow illegal alien supporters at I.C.E.    An illegal alien, who was in federal custody, and undergoing the “deportation” process, was released, only to drink and drive again, after having been stopped for it twice before, and the result this time ended in the death of an innocent life.  Two other people were injured in the crash that occurred at 8:00AM.   The people responsible for allowing this criminal free should no longer have jobs with the Federal Government, and should face some sort of charges for their actions.

Too often the supporters of illegals make excuse after excuse for illegals.  Time and time again, they excuse the actions of illegals.   It’s time to not only round up the illegals, but also their supporters.  Our Nation would be much better off for it.

Hopefully this decision from AG will help combat illegal immigration here in Virginia.

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Once again our AG, Ken Cuccinelli, is showing great leadership on trying to fight illegal aliens.  In a move that will surely upset the illegal supporters, Cuccinelli has provided that law enforcement officers in the Commonwealth may inquire about the legal status of people they come into contact with.  The Federal Government clearly has no stomach to enforce immigration law, and therefore the burden has been placed on the States, and as usual Virginia is ready to lead.

obama does not seem to have the same swagger as he once had.

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If you recall during the last couple of years of the Bush Administration, the media made a big deal out of the fact that due to his unpopularity, he was not always invited to help campaign for members of the GOP.  Well, now we have the mostest, smartest, bestest ever guy, ever, that was hand carried by the media during the election face the same situation, but only about six years earlier than it happened to Bush.   My how the left has to be conflicted about this.

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