It’s long past due to close the border with mexico.

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We need to line it with mines and machine guns to mow down the illegals as they come across the border.  Nobody that is trying to cross the border illegally has good intentions.   The fact, mexico feels it has free will to interview in our domestic policies is just another sign we need to end all contact with the cess pool.   However, thanks to bush and no obama, mexico is empowered like never before to interfere in our domestic affairs.

For anyone other than the illegal supporters, its been obvious our Southern border is a mess. mexican gangs and drug dealers have turned the border area into a killing field.  Now it appears our Consulates in mexico are in danger.   Enough is enough.


Another lie exposed by illegals.

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The illegals and their supporters like to tell us the illegals love this Country, and just want to become productive members of society.   After the protests in 2006, where it was obvious as many illegals marched with mexican flags, they really do not like this Nation, rather are just leaches sucking off the system, they changed their tactics in later protests by flying the American Flag.  Now it seems they are back to just being honest about who they are.

These “people” are nothing but leaches and need to be removed from the Country.

obama looking at passing amensty for illegals without having to go through Congress.

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In another sign that we are dealing with a dictator, and not a President, it appears obama is going to go against the will of the people again in granting amnesty to illegals without the consent of Congress or us.  For a guy who says he wants to change the bitterness in Washington and to ease the divide, this sure is a strange way to go about it.

Here is an excellant article detailing why mexico is a 3rd world cess pool.

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Yet, obama is all to willing to have the president of mexico come here and insult our Country and our attempts to keep illegals out of our Country.     it’s no wonder mexicans do not like laws, they don’t enforce their own.

Ah another double standard by obama.

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While obama does not mind traveling here to there and everywhere in between, spending millions of dollars and belching fumes into  the air, he of course wants the rest of the Federal Government to travel less.    I think he would have more credibility on the issue if he followed his own advice.

You have to love this excuse by the compost.

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It’s a crime that happened over 18 months ago, and just this past Thursday the Washington compost got around to reporting on it.  The reason given why it took  them so long?   Not enough staff members.  Ya right.  Recall they did the same with the Acorn story, and the Van Jones story too.  Oh well, we all know why they have not covered it before now, because it involves blacks, and obama supporters.

Now obama calls his health care a tax.

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During the health care debate, obama denied that his requirement that everyone have health insurance or pay a penalty   was  not a tax.  However, of course after the bill was passed and trying to defend the health care bill in Court, obama now calls it a tax.   What a complete idiot he is.   He simply can’t tell the truth.

Another day, another lie by obama.

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obama believes high unemployment, a record number of foreclosures,  a record debt, etc, is a good thing, and something he should take credit for.  Now, I understand he has to talk up his “success” but if he considers the current economy something to brag about, at what point does he consider a bad economy bad for the Nation?

Another record that obama can be proud of.

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While obama touted another wasteful government program that he said would help the housing market, reality provided another example of why obama is a total failure as President.    Any effect the failed government program had on the housing market was short-lived and very limited in the number of people it helped.   At the end of the day, we are in more debt, a weaker housing market.

This is the result of one party rule.

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While another obama promise goes by the wayside(the end of special interests), the libs as usual cannot just stick with the topic at hand, they have to further their liberal policies at the expense of the Nation.   Of course there is nothing in the bill to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, even though, they are a major reason for the economic melt down.  Why is that?  Because the libs are tied to both and do not want to hurt their fellow libs.    While obama says he’s not going to sleep until the job market improves, while at the same time not sleeping while taking care of the oil spill,  jobs are not coming back at a pace that will grow the economy, and this financial bill is not going to improve the job market at all. Sure, it will empower liberal special interest groups but that’s about it.

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