An example of hatred and historical dishonesty.

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It just amazes me to see people who confess to not like hate and sterotyping. I realize Confederate Heritage is an easy target to attack. I suppose for some they feel larger for it, and must feel as if they score points in the eyes of the PC police for engaging in such attacks. Cwmemory, though, might take first prize for not only being a hate page, but also for having the nerve to proclaim they are interesting in talking about the war and are very serious in that endever. Nothing could be further from the truth. Oh, they enjoy talking about the war, and as long as you agree with their opinion, they are fine. However, once it is obvious you do not agree with them, you will soon find the owner of the blog will no longer allow you to post. Of course they continue to make posts knowing you are not able to respond. Yup, that’s classy. They don’t care much to talk about slavery in the North, and act as if slavery was only a blight on the South. And, while there were more slaves in the South, one cannot be a serious historian, as some on the blog like to be considered, and not admit and discuss slavery in the north, before, during and after the War Between the States. The other big hang up cwmemory has it seems is with black Confederates. Now, I’m not going to say there were thousands upon thousands, but to deny blacks fought for the South is wrong. However, how cwmemory sees it, because “officially” blacks were not allowed to serve in the Confederate Army until very late in the war, they dismiss any service by blacks before that to not be legitimate. They also opine blacks who were slaves do not qualify either since those blacks did not have a choice in fighting. So, as you can see, even if blacks did serve, they will not reconize the service since it does not fit their defination of service. Nevermind that women were not allowe to serve, but that happend too. Nevermind that there are accounts of blacks fighting for the South. Also, try talking to them about blacks fighting in the American Revolutionary War. Afterall there were black slaves fighting on the American side, and in fact England had a policy that provided if blacks switched sides and fought for the English they would win their freedom if England won the war. I guess one could say the Rev war than was a war fought over slavery. However, for some on the blog, they don’t want to talk about that either.


LIVE: Pinal deputy shot by suspected illegal immigrant

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I’m sure the illegal alien supporters are jumping up and down with joy for the illegal who did this.   They see nothing wrong with illegals being in the Country, so I guess they see nothing wrong with a law enforcement officer being shot.   This is exactly the type of crime Arizona sees too much of and is exactly the reason why they passed their anti-illegal alien law.  

LIVE: Pinal deputy shot by suspected illegal immigrant.

More lies from the illegal supporters.

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Another day, another host of lies put forth by people who support illegals, and their behavior, including child rape, murders, kidnapping, drug smuggling, etc.   One can’t support illegals and not the behavior they engage in.  

Nowhere in the law does it state legal immigrants are subject to the law.   Yet, the people who support illegals and are speaking out against the law, because they have no other defense, are lying when they say this is  an anti-immigration law.  They are calling supporters of the law nazi’s etc.  

Do you believe there is a difference between a driver who follows the speed limit and one who does not?  Should you worry about being pulled over for speeding by the police when you are not speeding?    Of course not.   Do speeding laws make you want to avoid driving? Of course not.    So, why do people want to say this law is anti-immigrant?  

 It’s a shame that once again from the President down, people are resorting to name calling and lies, rather than debating the facts of the law.  

This type of reaction also provides us with further proof these people do not want any type of enforcement against illegal immigration.   If the Federal Government was enforcing our immigration laws, we simply would not have upwards of twenty million illegals.  Once you get past the name calling and lies from the illegal supporters, there is very little they say about enforcement, but plenty about how we need to provide amnesty for illegals.  

So, why do they say it’s the Federal Government job to enforce immigration laws?  They say that, to appear to be in favor of immigration law, but they realize the Federal Government is not doing that, and so it’s not really hard for them to say they support the laws when they are not being enforced.

obama does believe people can make too much money.

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I wonder what amount obama feels is too much?   Though, I suppose it’s more than five million a year, since that is what he earned last year.   So, at the end of the day, regardless of what obama has said in the past, he does want to control the free market system only for the simply reason he believes people can make too much money.

Mexico has some nerve for calling out Arizona.

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While mexico has been outspoken in their criticism of Arizona’s new immigration law,  Amnesty International just published a report that highlights the abuses migrants face in Mexico.

However, the highlight of the article was the mention of Article 67 of Mexico’s population law.  That article requires the police, local, State, Federal to check the immigration status of anyone they encounter before “attending to any issues”.   Yes, that is right.  While Mexico is complaining and distorting the law in Arizona, they in fact have a law that is much more harsher.

We are at a turning point.

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We will either remain a nation of laws, or we will become a Nation where law breakers and their supporters have their way.  It’s amazing reading some of the excuses put forth by those that supporter child rapists and murderers.

Illegals claim to love America and just want to be treated like everyone else, except of course when it comes to following the law.  Their supporters say they comite fewer crimes than Americans, etc.  I guess that can be true if you do not consider it law breaking to come here illegally, to work here illegally, to drive without insurance and a driver license, to buy documents on the black market, to steal social security numbers, etc.   The illegal supporters will make every excuse to defend the illegals.   They have no problems calling anyone who speak out against illegals as being racist.  These same people claim to not like sterotypiong, but in their zeal to call people racist, they are admitting exactly who the illegals are, mostly hispanics.

Open borders supporters are going crazy.

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Once again, the true nature of illegals come out.  Not happy with the action of the Arizona Governor who signed a law that would rightly crack down on illegals, the lefties and illegals go crazy and resort to violence.  Funny how the media is not focusing on that, but rather how will the poor little law breakers make due in the face of the new law. 

I guess I missed the Dems in Congress getting teared eyed over the possible violence of the illegals and their supporters, like they did with the Tea Party folks.  All sort of venom has been directed at the Tea Party people by the Dems and the Media(yes, I know they are one and the same), but nary a word about the actual violence and vandalism of the illegals and open border people. 

It’s also noting that once again many of the illegals are using foreign language in their protest signs, showing once again the disdain they have for our Nation and the English language.  It’s very simply, the illegals should have followed our laws, and they would have nothing to worry about.

Of course obama, says he is concerned with  the new law, and says it is misguided.  Which means he really only wants to provide amnesty to the illegals and is not concerned at all with immigration enforcement. 

 Here is the first paragraph from a CNN story. 

 “Hundreds of people gathered outside Arizona’s Capitol building on Sunday in a largely peaceful protest against the state’s tough new immigration law”.

Notice they had to point out  it was a “largely peaceful protest”..  Have they had to ever say that about a Tea Party protest?  I don’t think so.  Of course the story does not provide details of the violence.

This is a shocking news story, obama’s health care projected to cost more than advertised.

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Again, it appears obama has been caught telling lies about his health care plan.  Sure, the Dems played fast with the numbers in order to make the plan appear to be cheaping than it really was.   Now, they will have to pay the price for their lies and cooking of the numbers.

As if obama would even consider a white male for the Supreme Court.

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It appears one qualification a person must have to serve on the Supreme Court these days is something called “diversity”.   The following article mentions that obama is focusing on diversity including looking at white candidates among others.  Well, you can take it to the bank, there is not a chance that obama is going to pick a white male, and there is only a slightly more of a chance that he will pick a white woman. 

If he could pick a cross dressing,  disabled minority, he would do so, since that’s what we are heading to.  It’s not enough just to have a minority nominee, there has to be an additional aspect, and if the nominee happens to be gay, transgender, etc, all the better in the eyes of the Dems.   Of course what that has to do with knowing the law and the Constitution, I’m not sure, but the libs feel it makes a difference.

3rd World cess pool whines about new law.

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If Mexico does not like America passing laws to combat illegal immigration, that’s too bad.  Mexico is the problem, they do not create enough jobs for their Citizens, they do not attempt to stop their Citizens coming here illegally, and they need to revamp their ecomoy so that more of their Citizens have a better chance of success.    It takes some nerve to complain about the laws of foreign Nations.  However, given the lack of backbone on the part of our Federal Government, it’s not surprising to see mexico whining.

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