obama trying to pass the buck, again.

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He’s spent the last two plus years bashing Corporate America, calling it greedy, etc, and passing rules and regulations making it harder to conduct business.   At the same time he promoted Big Government as the solution to all of our problems, passed a large “stimulus” package, etc.  Well, now that it has been proven the “stimulus” package was a waste of time and money and only provided benefits to unions, obama has to come up with a scape goat for his failing policies.  Now, he says it is up to the private sector to create jobs, and the Government can only serve to assist in making sure people are trained.


Now, I know the private sector should lead the way in creating jobs, but it’s worth pointing out how far obama will go in blaming others for his own stupid mistakes.  He has nothing left in order to get the economy going, and now he wants to blame others from here on, why there is not a growing job market.  What a jerk.





Let this news story regarding the State of New York to be a warning to those who support higher taxes.

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It’s long been known why so many yankees move further South, because they’ve about destoryed the quality of life in their old places of residence.  Yet, too often, it seems as soon as they’ve settled into their new areas, they start the same cycle all over again.  I simply do not understand that, only to say that’s a yankee for you.

This new poll showing displeasure with high taxes, poorly run schools and overcrowding should be of interest to our local elected officials who think it’s OK to keep raising taxes without a thought to the long term damage that usually results in such politics.    That’s not to say don’t raise taxes at all, but it’s obvious that it’s a lot easier to keep doing that then it is to keep costs under control.


obama playing politics again.

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When he was a Senator, obama thought it would be fun to poke at President Bush about the debt ceiling.   Now of course when he’s on the other side of the issue, he now says he regrets his vote against raising the debt ceiling.   In trying to score cheap political points obama made the mistake most politicians do, in not thinking long term for the sake of the short term.   He’s just a tool.



Keep spending obama.

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We just set a  record in February, for having the largest monthly deficit of all time.  In fact it was so large, it was larger than the entire 2007 deficit.   Way to go obama!



More lies from the White House.

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The new White House Spokesman, claims that obama’s stimulus package has met “it’s” goals.   Really, now?   I guess the White house thinks we’ll just believe anything they say at this point. Where are the millions of jobs?  Why is the unemployment rate at least a point higher than the White House claimed it would be?



This is why the GOP is stupid.

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It appears in exchange for the extension of tax cuts, the GOP is willing to also allow the extension of unemployment benefits for those that have reached their limit of 99 weeks of receiving benefits.   Those that say, mostly liberals, tax cuts are also an expense really expose who they really are.  They assume  our money belongs to the Federal Government and that somehow  the Federal Government is getting cheated out of money if the tax rates do no go back up.  However, the Federal Government does not own the money, we do, and if we earn less or find additional tax dedications,  that means less for the Government in future years. How is that an expense for the Government?  it’s not.  But as I said that’s how liberals like to see it.

Now, make no mistake paying out unemployment benefits is an expense for the Federal Government, no matter how you look at it.  The key of course is how to pay for it.   The liberals just want to keep adding to the deficit to pay for it, rather than cutting spending somewhere else to pay for it.

That is why this is a stupid compromise.  Besides, does obama not have confidence in his economic policies that he thinks more jobs will not be created in the coming year?



Those libs sure are pushy.

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After not listening to us Citizens for the last 18 months, and Governing with a tin ear, the libs want us to just make nice.  Are they serious?  Why should we not punish them for disrespecting us, for  passing bills that were not read or wanted by us Citizens, for their absolute arrogance?   It’s going to be very funny to watch the libs cry and scream like a five year old who did not get their way the day after election day.



It seems that Harry Reid is not the only lib that needs to “man up”.

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Once again, a lib likes to talk tough when it comes to the Chi-coms, but when the going gets tough, the libs lack of backbone and other body parts always seem to get in their way of doing the right thing.  obama had a chance to do something good for the economy, and what did he do?  He wimped out.  Nice.


Another “unexpected rise” in weekly unemployment claims.

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I love how the liberal media tries to protect their fellow lib, obama. Every bad piece of economic news is described as being “unexpected” as if the economy was rolling along at a good clip and nobody could see bad news coming.   The weekly unemployment claims have been, for a while now, around the 450 thousand range for some time now.    So, why would a rise in weekly unemployment claims be described as “unexpected” when it’s been pretty the norm for some time now to see such numbers?



“Lunch Pail” Joe, the gift that keeps on giving.

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Now, I realize his fellow dems in the media go to great lengths to protect him, and downplay the many gaffes that he makes, but this one needs to be highlighted.   Old Joe feels the reason that Dems are not running on the successes(sic) of the  White House is because those successes are just too complicated to explain on the campaign stump.  Really?  Now, I understand the dems always say the reason why they were not always successful in elections is because they can’t ever seem to get the right message out, and not because they may have poor policies.


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