This is why Conservatives say the media is biased.

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Not only is the headline misleading, the reporter outright lies.

Obama has already reinstated funding to international groups that murder babies, but that is not  divisive.   Obama has attacked popular radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.   Why single out a member of the media?

Yes, Obama did visit the press room in the WH, and when a reporter asked a question Obama did not like, Obama got defensive and ignored the reporter.    But according to the ap  OP(Obama Press) Obama is a breath of fresh air.


Obama has a man crush on Rush.

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Exactly what does Obama have for Rush?  He simply cannot ignore him and must make comments about him all the time.  Should our President really concern him with the opinions of a talk show host?

Obama has already made it clear, he lied about putting the old dogma to rest.  He said he wanted to reduce the murdering of babies, yet reversed a policy of President Bush that banned providing money to international groups that murder babies.    Now, Obama says the GOP should stop listening to Rush or else.  Well, maybe Obama should stop listening to the anti-Americans who post on the daily Kos, and the folks at   Yet, somehow I don’t expect Obama to stop paying attention to them. 

Obama simply wants to turn America into a socialist Nation where the Government tells us what we can eat, drive, where to work etc.   He wants to provide bailout money to people that do not pay taxes, and wants to appoint a tax cheat to head the Treasury Department.

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