obama trying to pass the buck, again.

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He’s spent the last two plus years bashing Corporate America, calling it greedy, etc, and passing rules and regulations making it harder to conduct business.   At the same time he promoted Big Government as the solution to all of our problems, passed a large “stimulus” package, etc.  Well, now that it has been proven the “stimulus” package was a waste of time and money and only provided benefits to unions, obama has to come up with a scape goat for his failing policies.  Now, he says it is up to the private sector to create jobs, and the Government can only serve to assist in making sure people are trained.


Now, I know the private sector should lead the way in creating jobs, but it’s worth pointing out how far obama will go in blaming others for his own stupid mistakes.  He has nothing left in order to get the economy going, and now he wants to blame others from here on, why there is not a growing job market.  What a jerk.





More evidence our Sourthern Border is secure.

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While obama lies about the state of our border with Mexico, the reality of the situation continues to get exposure in the media.   This story below hardly seems to confirm the border is any safer.



While the gangster in chief lies about the Southern Border, mexican drug gangs set up shop in Arizona.

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Just like week, obama lied about how safe and secure the Southern border is.  After reading this story, can there be any doubt left that obama simply does not care for the safety of Americans?   He simply is on a mission to gain votes from illegals and could care less how many Americans are put in harms way because of his continued denial regarding the border.


More 3rd world tactics from the gangster in chief.

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In another blow to the freedom of the press, the White House has banned a newspaper from a fund raiser due not to a poor story on obama, but because the paper published a front page editorial on Mitt Romney.  This is not the first time obama has attacked the press and or punished the press over what they consider to be not friendly coverage.  Furthermore, the White House goes on to explain they will only allow access to press they consider to be fair, which of course means only giving access to press that is positive in the coverage of obama.   obama simply is acting like a 3rd World dictator in trying to control how the press reports on the White House.   Of course the MSM press just goes along with it and are acting like abused women who keep going back to the guy who has beaten them over and over.


Let this news story regarding the State of New York to be a warning to those who support higher taxes.

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It’s long been known why so many yankees move further South, because they’ve about destoryed the quality of life in their old places of residence.  Yet, too often, it seems as soon as they’ve settled into their new areas, they start the same cycle all over again.  I simply do not understand that, only to say that’s a yankee for you.

This new poll showing displeasure with high taxes, poorly run schools and overcrowding should be of interest to our local elected officials who think it’s OK to keep raising taxes without a thought to the long term damage that usually results in such politics.    That’s not to say don’t raise taxes at all, but it’s obvious that it’s a lot easier to keep doing that then it is to keep costs under control.


Getto Gangsters are welcomed at White House by obama.

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obama invites a “poet” who writes songs defending cop killers, is against inter racial relationships, and the only thing obama can do is defend him by saying look at his entire body of work.  I hardly doubt that’s what libs would say if the shoe was on the other foot.  But, that’s what we expect from the White House today, embracing such getto crap. Of course the liberal National media is pretty much ignoring it, just as they ignored his radical ties in the campaign.


More immigration lies from obama.

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It’s funny how obama claims to want an honest and open talk about issues affecting the Country.  Yet, when it comes down to the talk, obama simply can’t avoid turning into a partisan hack.  He did that again today when pushing amnesty.  Instead of talking about the reality of the situation, he engaged in lies and insults.    He claims the border is as safe as ever, a lie, he claims without illegals we would not have companies like Google, another outright lie, and he makes no distiction between a legal immigrant and an illegal alien.   He has to engage in such tactics because there is no way to defend illegals and amnesty without lying about both.

The fact just in this area alone in the last few months, illegals that should have been deported have killed upwards of ten Americans.  Yet, in the mind of obama, there is no such thing as a bad illegal, just a democrat voter in the waiting.


Big Sis back tracks on how to measure control of our Southern Border.

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Of course whatever new language that Big Sis comes up with to describe the openness of our Southern Border will just be more of the same BS from Washington. The simple fact is the obama administration lies about the number of illegals crossing, lies about mexican drug gangs and their invasion of our Nation, and lies about the progress they claim to be making.  Sadly until a major event happens in this Country that can be traced to the mismanagement of  our Southern Border, nothing will be done about the situation.


obama and big sis suspeded the deportation of 34,000 illegals last year.

May 2, 2011 at 5:12 pm | Posted in Anti-Americanism., Illegal Aliens, liberalism, Media bias, Mexican crime, National Politics, obama, Terrorism, White House scandals | Leave a comment

How many of these will go on to commit other crimes is  anyone’s guess, but rest assure there will be more crime because of this.   It’s all just smoke and mirrors with this clown.


This has to be a joke.

May 2, 2011 at 7:26 am | Posted in City of Manassas, liberalism, Public education. | Leave a comment

We have a failing school system and the person leading it gets an award for being “best” superintendent?  Really?   Talk about low hanging fruit.


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