Arlington County law enforcement and Government officials come out in support of child rapists.

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Law enforcement is supposed to be an honorable profession.  As children, we all remember our parents telling us that we could trust the police, because they took the bad guys off the street.   Well, it seems there a couple of “cops” in Arlington, VA, who think  allowing bad guys on the street is a good thing, particularly illegal aliens. Arlington County has announced it will no longer participate in a Federal immigration program that removed illegals from communities.  Oh, I’m sure the liberals believe they are doing this on principal, and how they are now a much more welcoming community, and all that liberal silly speech.   However, what this has really done is made the County a more dangerous place.  I do hope that no police officer is killed at the hands of an illegal because of this policy, because the police chief and sheriff would be just as guilty as the shooter.


Another illegal released by ICE is now murder suspect.

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This is a troubling trend on the part of ICE.   This is at least the second time in recent weeks that  an illegal, known to ICE was allowed to live illegally in the Country, who then went on to commit a more serious crime.   ICE it seems only wants to focus on those illegals that commit “real” crimes, as a result those deemed to have just broken fake crimes, like entering the Country illegally, are not taken seriously.   How many more people will be killed at the hands of illegals before this administration gets serious about the issue?

It’s also interesting to note the article mentions that an illegal alien had a hand in the attempted Times Square bombing.  The media did a good job of hiding that fact, no doubt because they love illegals, as much as obama does.

Is the justice department run by racists?

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It appears that is the case.  I know many liberals, and in particular, liberal blacks, refuse to believe blacks can be racist, since they do not “hold” power in the Country.   However, that simply is not true.  liberals like to  use that excuse because they want to avoid having to talk about black racism, in order to keep the myth alive that only blacks are the victims of racism.

Civil War sesquicentennial named top U.S. event | InsideNova

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This is great news. While some were upset that Prince William and Manassas gave money to this group it appears we are going to benefit greatly from having so many WBTS points of interest.

Civil War sesquicentennial named top U.S. event | InsideNova.

Nine years later and it still feels like yesterday.

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You know it must be bad when the AP is telling the truth about obama.

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Recall how hard the libs pushed for their health care bill.  Now, of course they won’t touch it.

Another Ameircan student told to remove American Flag just in case someone might be offended.

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Here is yet another example of where we are heading.   An American student, in America is told flying an American Flag may be offensive to students who are not America.   Who pays?  Not the immigrant, but the poor American student who foolishly wanted to fly the Flag of his Nation.

I’ll point out again, as someone who loves the Confederate Battle Flag, I’ve heard the same line for years, and have also said for years that today it’s the Confederate Battle Flag, tomorrow it will be the American Flag.  Of course to many people that seemed to far-fetched to happen.  Well, it’s happening.,0,7674604.story

I thought his first “stimulus” bill was aimed at construction jobs?

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I seem to recall a huge part of the his first stimulus bill was going to create jobs by building roads, and or replacing old bridges, and the like?  It’s pretty sad the only thing obama can offer up as an attempt to create jobs is another wild spending bill.  If a 900 billion plus spending bill did not create jobs how is a 50 billion spending bill going to do it?   Of course the answer is it’s not.

obama simply is horrible. He’s spent the last eighteen months bashing businesses and the private sector.  Now that people have lost faith and hope in him and his inability to get the job done, he now comes up with this failure of a plan.

This is what we get when people fall for the kool ade and elect someone who is only a street agitator.

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