Enough already.

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The libs are making Ted Kennedy out to be a Saint.  How, he had such a good heart, how he looked out for the little guy.  It’s all BS.  Ted Kennedy showed just how much heart he had and how he felt about the little guy when he left a poor injured girl to die after he wrecked his car.    Simply put, had Teddy not be a lib, there is no way he would have served as long, or received the star treatment from the media.  However, given the Dem’s support baby killing, I guess one more loss of life to them is not a big deal.


After providing Time to obama, ABC refuses to air ad questioning his health care plan.

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I guess ABC feels it only has to provide half of the story, and I suppose that is their right.  However,  their credibility is shot when they are so openly biased in favor of their fellow liberal, obama. 

As for NBC, all you have to do is watch msnbc to realize they lost any and all credibility a long time ago. 



More lies from the White House.

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The White House again can’t give up using former President Bush as an excuse for the actions of obama.    http://www.politico.com/politico44/perm/0809/another_break_for_obama_711b9dd5-47b3-40d2-ba55-4924582858ba.html

Here is an article from ABC news that details some of W’s vacation and how he was criticized for taking too much time off.   http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/2007/04/crawfordbound_b.html  I guess it’s too much to ask for honesty from this White House.

Obama attempts to silent Americans.

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After realizing just how unpopular his socialized health care plan is with the American Citizens,  obama and his fellow libs are trying to discredit anyone who dare speak out against the plan.    obama wants people to rat out their fellow Citizens if they think they have heard or read something “fishy”.   The White House has set up an email flag@whitehouse, for people to submit this information and of course the source of the information.  

While I’m not surprised a socialist/commie like obama would attempt to silence opinions, it is a bit surprising they have been so open with their plan. Of course the press sees nothing wrong with this, as they support him and the health plan.   But, ask a “reporter” to give up their source of information, and they will throw a fit. 

Well, I suppose I risk being reported.  However, I will not back down from providing my opinion and will continue to stand up to those that attempt to suppress the 1st Amendment.

Obama not so popular in Virginia these days

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A recent poll,http://www2.insidenova.com/isn/news/politics/article/poll_obamas_approval_rate_among_virginians_is_42_percent/40813/  seems to indicate the shine is starting to wear off for the “One”.   I find it funny how last November some proclaimed Virginia was now a blue State.  Well, it seems the BS that obama spewed last fall just has met reality and reality kicked his backside.   Telling lies will only go so far in getting support.   Now that obama has shown who and what he is(as many of  us said during the campaign) he is not so popular. 

It’s just a shame people did not see through the bs before voting for this clown.

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