It never stops with liberalism.

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California is one of the highest taxed States. They also have high user fees for many services.  Yet, they still need to raise money to pay for their social programs and services.   If there was any further proof needed that larger Government, and illegal immigration is not a good future for the Country this should settle it. And for good measure another City that embraces illegals and larger Government, New York, is also looking at a similar plan.




Another idiot criminal on the loose.

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In a you have to see it to believe it moment, a would robber uses a very long stick to rob a store.  The video is pure comedy that involves a great stand off. It’s too bad the clerk did not have a gun.

Another outragious crime committed by mexican troops.

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While our current administration thinks nothing of blaming Americans for drug and gun problems in mexico,  mexican troops are engaged in killing innocent Americans and our administration can’t find a word to say about these crimes.  Just more poof these clowns are unfit to lead this Country.

More waste by the obama.

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I’ve lost count the number of times obama has singled out business leaders and Wall Street workers for taking advantage of the “system”.  He has also said Government must cut back on travel costs.  I guess though, he was not talking about him or his family.   In leaving earlier for vacation than obama, skeletor is going to waste $63,000.00 of tax dollars.   I suppose her next move will be  to tell people to go eat cake.


I think we’ve heard this one before.

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obama promises to spend the next two years focued just on the economy.  Of course he said the same thing two years ago and again last year.  And, we know how that turned out.

New ICE program looks promising.

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At first glance, this new program looks like another way to weed out illegals from being hired. Of course because this is a Washington post article, they did not say if any illegals were found to be working at the company or if under the program what is the process if illegals are found to be working at a company being audited.

Here is a story to remember when obama claims the border is secure.

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The next time obama claims our Southern border is as secure as it has ever been, just remember this article.  Clearly, obama is making such claims in order to gain support for amnesty, but these kinds of stories really do shed light on how far we have to go to have a secured border.

Traitors in Congress.

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The fallout continues  from the Senate rejecting amnesty for illegals.  I love how the traitors in Congress think that by enforcing immigration laws America is responsible for tearing apart families.   No, the people responsible are the illegals who are breaking the law.  Funny, these same traitors do not ever mention the high out of birth rate for hispanics, or the fact that many illegals come here without their families.   They also seem more concerned with the number of illegals being deported, instead of being thankful for the enforcement of our laws.   Yet, their solution of course is to grant amnesty to illegals.  And, that is exactly why all efforts to stop amnesty is needed.

New terror warning from the Department of Justice.

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While I’m not a fan of holder, I will give him some credit for this latest warning over terrorism.   I would just add that many of these American Citizens are in fact Naturalized United States Citizens, which I feel is an important distinction to make.   The terrorist who planted a bomb in Times Square, the Suspect in the attempted Portland, OR and the Baltimore, MD attacks are Naturalized Citizens too.

More crime in Manassas that can be directly tied to illegal aliens.

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For all the supporters of illegals, that say they are otherwise lawful people, do you care to defend this?  This is the type of criminal action that not only is wrong but is down right dangious.  Illegals who are otherwise not able to drive, can now obtain a driver license, or buy a plane ticket.   Oh, and under the now defeated amnesty bill, they would still be eligible for the program.   The solution is to have a speedy trail and sentence all of the criminals to the death penalty.   These scum do not deserve to live off our tax dollars any longer.


Also note how many of the criminals are unable to speak English, contrary to what the open border defenders say about illegals.

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