More words right from obama telling us under his energy plan, costs would go up.

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Yup, that’s how you fix the economy, by raising costs to the consumer. 

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While the libs among us like to push “green” jobs, power, lifestyle, etc, they don’t readily admit the costs of such changes.   obama is on record providing his green power plan would increase the costs of utilities greatly.   Now comes this plan from the mayor  of LA.  In a down economy, the last thing people need are higher utility bills.,0,7870063.story

A dose of common sense and reality on global warming.

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While the elites talk as if we can control the weather, the rest of us living in the real world know better.   Talk about scare tactics.   How many examples of the boy who cried wolf do we need before the elites get laughed out-of-town?

Energy-Efficient Traffic Lights Can’t Melt Snow – ABC News

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Is this just a preview of things to come?  Public safety should not be at risk in order to “go green”.  

Energy-Efficient Traffic Lights Can’t Melt Snow – ABC News.

Senator Boxer is more concerned about emails being hacked then about the coverup on global warming.

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This is so typical for a liberal.  While I do not condone hacking, the larger story here of course is the fact the emails show global warming is not such an issue afterall, regardless of what fat boy gore tells us.   Of course boxer still wants to push lies regarding global warming and seems to not even want to admit what the emails have to say.  

It’s just amazing the libs want to cripple the Nation with job and business killing “green” laws that will not do a single thing to control the Earth’s temperature.

Obama:Cynical claims attacking energy bill | Washington Examiner

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Where have we seen this before? Oh, that’s right, with his health care bill.   I find it pretty funny, that he believes every piece of legislation he pushes is perfect and of course is needed to fix the Nation.     


Obama: ‘Cynical claims’ attacking energy bill | Washington Examiner.

More scare tactics from PM Gordon Brown.

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It seems that PM Brown is trying to outgore, Al Gore when it comes to scare tactics regarding “global warming”.   The simple fact is the World has cooled and warmed many times and will continue to do so.    What if any affect man has had on that is not possible to prove.  Yet, that does not stop people like PM Brown from trying to push his scare tactics in order to get unpopular and business killing polices passed into law.

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