The only problem with this “news” outlet is that it got caught slamming the GOP.

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It’s no surprise the media is in the back pocket of the Dems, in fact, I’m pretty sure they consider themselves to be part of the media arm of the DNC.    They of course hooked enough people two years ago to vote for the worst elected official EVER, in obama, and now it appears they are trying the same this year.  Boy, there are going to be a lot of sad looking dems, err, media members Tuesday night.


And, this guy is a heart beat away from being the President.

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It’s nice to know that he too feels there is no need for the private sector.  Never mind the fact, he’s wrong, but when he gets on a roll it’s pretty funny to see just how stupid he is.

This is another example of why our border with Mexico needs to be sealed.

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It’s no surprise that people who migrate to new Countries often bring with them their customs and morals.  Well, how is adding a bunch of illegals to the Country who are used to the police force quitting  a good thing?  How is allowing illegals from a Country where the criminals control a vast majority of the Country a good thing?

obama caught in another lie, by msnbc no less.

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Because he’s been caught in too many lies concerning how many jobs he was going to create, obama has had to resort to stealing the credit from President Bush, for a number of jobs that were created before obama funding was dolled out.    Typical, for a guy who is in over his head.

More shameless pandering by obama.

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It’s nice that obama, while saying he wanted to be President to every American, has engaged in a level of racial pandering in the last few weeks that has never been seen before.  On different occasions, he has said he needed blacks and hispanics, women and young people to come out and vote for his party.  Now, while admitting it’s an “American” issue, he signs an executive specifically for hispanic students.  Nevermind a signed piece of paper is not going to improve the dropout rate of hispanics, it seems that as he pointed out, we need an improved education system for all students.  However, given that the election is less than a month away, obama is pulling out all the stops in playing racial politics in order to save his party from certain defeat on election day.

Those libs sure are pushy.

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After not listening to us Citizens for the last 18 months, and Governing with a tin ear, the libs want us to just make nice.  Are they serious?  Why should we not punish them for disrespecting us, for  passing bills that were not read or wanted by us Citizens, for their absolute arrogance?   It’s going to be very funny to watch the libs cry and scream like a five year old who did not get their way the day after election day.

It’s a good thing obama says our Southern border is as secure as it’s every been.

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Otherwise, I suppose there would be even more mexican drug “assassins” in the Country.   It’s pretty disgusting that obama either does not have a backbone to stand up to mexico, and or supports the fact we have illegals in the Country conducting their own private war.

It seems that Harry Reid is not the only lib that needs to “man up”.

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Once again, a lib likes to talk tough when it comes to the Chi-coms, but when the going gets tough, the libs lack of backbone and other body parts always seem to get in their way of doing the right thing.  obama had a chance to do something good for the economy, and what did he do?  He wimped out.  Nice.

Here is one border agent who needs to pay dearly for their crimes.

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I think in honor of having the nickname “hammer” this person should first have their eyes bashed in with a  hammer, and then have their skull bashed in by a hammer.    I wonder how many Americans have suffered because of this sub human?   It’s disdgusting this person was placed in a position of National security and was able to make a mockery out of their job.

Another “unexpected rise” in weekly unemployment claims.

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I love how the liberal media tries to protect their fellow lib, obama. Every bad piece of economic news is described as being “unexpected” as if the economy was rolling along at a good clip and nobody could see bad news coming.   The weekly unemployment claims have been, for a while now, around the 450 thousand range for some time now.    So, why would a rise in weekly unemployment claims be described as “unexpected” when it’s been pretty the norm for some time now to see such numbers?

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