Big Sis back tracks on how to measure control of our Southern Border.

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Of course whatever new language that Big Sis comes up with to describe the openness of our Southern Border will just be more of the same BS from Washington. The simple fact is the obama administration lies about the number of illegals crossing, lies about mexican drug gangs and their invasion of our Nation, and lies about the progress they claim to be making.  Sadly until a major event happens in this Country that can be traced to the mismanagement of  our Southern Border, nothing will be done about the situation.


obama playing politics again.

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When he was a Senator, obama thought it would be fun to poke at President Bush about the debt ceiling.   Now of course when he’s on the other side of the issue, he now says he regrets his vote against raising the debt ceiling.   In trying to score cheap political points obama made the mistake most politicians do, in not thinking long term for the sake of the short term.   He’s just a tool.

Keep spending obama.

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We just set a  record in February, for having the largest monthly deficit of all time.  In fact it was so large, it was larger than the entire 2007 deficit.   Way to go obama!

Traitors in Congress.

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The fallout continues  from the Senate rejecting amnesty for illegals.  I love how the traitors in Congress think that by enforcing immigration laws America is responsible for tearing apart families.   No, the people responsible are the illegals who are breaking the law.  Funny, these same traitors do not ever mention the high out of birth rate for hispanics, or the fact that many illegals come here without their families.   They also seem more concerned with the number of illegals being deported, instead of being thankful for the enforcement of our laws.   Yet, their solution of course is to grant amnesty to illegals.  And, that is exactly why all efforts to stop amnesty is needed.

In an attempt to remain in power, Reid threatens to keep Congress in session through the new year.

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Because they simply can’t let go of their majority, the liberals are starting,or should I say continue, to act like dictators.  Reid very knows it is tradition for Congress to finish up in mid December.    He simply can’t let amnesty for illegals go, even though, the majority of Americans are against it, he is willing to once again ignore the will of the people.

This is why the GOP is stupid.

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It appears in exchange for the extension of tax cuts, the GOP is willing to also allow the extension of unemployment benefits for those that have reached their limit of 99 weeks of receiving benefits.   Those that say, mostly liberals, tax cuts are also an expense really expose who they really are.  They assume  our money belongs to the Federal Government and that somehow  the Federal Government is getting cheated out of money if the tax rates do no go back up.  However, the Federal Government does not own the money, we do, and if we earn less or find additional tax dedications,  that means less for the Government in future years. How is that an expense for the Government?  it’s not.  But as I said that’s how liberals like to see it.

Now, make no mistake paying out unemployment benefits is an expense for the Federal Government, no matter how you look at it.  The key of course is how to pay for it.   The liberals just want to keep adding to the deficit to pay for it, rather than cutting spending somewhere else to pay for it.

That is why this is a stupid compromise.  Besides, does obama not have confidence in his economic policies that he thinks more jobs will not be created in the coming year?

Those libs sure are pushy.

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After not listening to us Citizens for the last 18 months, and Governing with a tin ear, the libs want us to just make nice.  Are they serious?  Why should we not punish them for disrespecting us, for  passing bills that were not read or wanted by us Citizens, for their absolute arrogance?   It’s going to be very funny to watch the libs cry and scream like a five year old who did not get their way the day after election day.

obama does not seem to have the same swagger as he once had.

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If you recall during the last couple of years of the Bush Administration, the media made a big deal out of the fact that due to his unpopularity, he was not always invited to help campaign for members of the GOP.  Well, now we have the mostest, smartest, bestest ever guy, ever, that was hand carried by the media during the election face the same situation, but only about six years earlier than it happened to Bush.   My how the left has to be conflicted about this.

This is the result of one party rule.

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While another obama promise goes by the wayside(the end of special interests), the libs as usual cannot just stick with the topic at hand, they have to further their liberal policies at the expense of the Nation.   Of course there is nothing in the bill to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, even though, they are a major reason for the economic melt down.  Why is that?  Because the libs are tied to both and do not want to hurt their fellow libs.    While obama says he’s not going to sleep until the job market improves, while at the same time not sleeping while taking care of the oil spill,  jobs are not coming back at a pace that will grow the economy, and this financial bill is not going to improve the job market at all. Sure, it will empower liberal special interest groups but that’s about it.

Libs show exactly who they are.

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While obama gives lip service only to the concept of less spending, in reality, he and his fellow libs in Congress only know one thing when it comes to spending, more is better.   However, in an election year, where they libs know people are paying attention, the libs suddenly are concerned about their jobs.   As a result, they are taking the unusual move of not passing a budget, and hoping to stay in power. .   and are hoping to stay in power.  They know if they can get by this year, the budget they pass next year will be through the roof  knowing they are untouchable for another two years.

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