More evidence our Southern Border is not as safe as big sis says it is.

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Our Southern border has been a mess for some years.  It’s not getting safer, it’s getting worse.   Now comes talk that mexican drug gangs are going to target United States law enforcement.    I expect more pandering to mexico from big sis and even less border security.


Now this is irony.

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The “most open and transparent” administration long ago proved it was neither.    This story is just too funny to not post.

City faces Lawsuit from Developer over access to Lake Manassas.

March 29, 2011 at 7:49 am | Posted in City of Manassas, Lake Manassas | 2 Comments

In another twist to the long drawn out drama surrounding Lake Manassas, a developer is suing the City for access to the lake.   The City, in recent years, has started to discuss possible plans to reopen the lake to the public.   However, I believe before anything happens in that direction, the lawsuit is to be settled.

More illegal alien pandering by illegals.

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If there was a focus on deporting “criminal” illegal aliens, why is it that three illegal aliens who were supposed to have been deported, killed five Americans in the last few months here in Virginia?

No, obama ignores that and instead wants to grant amnesty to those illegals that are not “breaking the law”.    Oh sure, he tries to sound as if he is serious about enforcing the law, but there is no doubt obama would grant amnesty to every illegal if he could do so.

DHS considers Americans who are anti illegal aliens to be terrorists.

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It’s not surprising to see this type of “drill” planned. Afterall it was just last fall that obama called those against amnesty for illegals the enemy.   And, of course he’s the same guy who said small town Americans cling to their guns and Religion.   So, it’s makes sense that he sees us as the bad guy, and not the illegals who come here by the millions.   These illegals are the real terrorists, as they kill, rape and in general commit crime against Americans at very high rates.  In fact, just since the fall of 2010, there have been at least 7 murders of Americans at the hands of illegals, here in Virginia. In the same time period how many Americans have killed illegals?   Try zero. And, that’s just in this area.  No doubt those numbers are even higher in other areas of the Nation.   It’s been talked about for years how illegals coming across the border maybe working with islamic terrorist groups.   So a more realistic drill would be something happening on our Southern border involving illegals being the terrorists, rather than Americans.    But that does not fit the racist and bigoted views of obama and eric “bull” holder.|topnews|text|News

Here is a typical open border illegal alien supporter.

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This guy gets his panties in a bunch because a girl is denied re-entry based on being with an illegal.  He further distorts the story by saying she was deported.  No, she was not deported, she was denied re-entry, there is a difference.  But, I suppose to a guy who supports criminals, destortation is not that big of a deal.  He of course plays the ethnic card as well, by asking a  lawyer if this would happen to a girl of european ethnicity.  Of course the lawyer says no, but do we really know that answer?   And, I wonder if the writer of this opinion piece would do such a story if the girl was not hispanic?

He rails on about ICE for doing their jobs and wonders if there are any illegals left in the Country if they have to single out Citizens.   Well, I suppose for the open border types, they would rather have ICE deport nobody.   I wonder if he’d rail about ICE for not deporting enough, as he seems to believe they are deporting too many.  We’ve had a number of Americans killed by illegals here in Northern VA since last fall, but I’ve not read anything by this writer where he takes ICE to task for not protecting us from illegals, or how we need to rid our Nation of illegals.   Is he calling for ICE officials to be fired for not protecting us?  Of course not.

He also believes using the word anchor baby is hateful.   It is a fact illegals come here just to have babies in order to take advantage of their children being born here.    But nevermind, he’s in favor of such tactics.


Pro illegal alien ICE puts on dog and pony show in Manassas.

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While I’m happy that we have fewer illegals running around, it’s a  bit too late for ICE to try and convince us they are serious about rounding up illegals and deporting them from our Nation.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the only reason they put  on the photo up was to counter the 7 murders committed by illegals  in the last few months and a law suit that Prince William County has brought against ICE for failure to release information concerning illegals turned over to ICE  from the County Jail.

ICE won’t be back until we have another string of high profile crimes committed by illegals.  And, that is the sad part, because it shows  just how sleazy ICE is.   They do not care about rounding up illegals, they care more about putting on pr photo ops.

More bias from eric “bull” holder.

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It’s funny how obama calls out those living in small town America as being small minded, and clinging to their guns and religion.  But, when it comes to a muslim who wanted to take a three week break from her job in order to engage in religious activities, that’s not only a good thing, but one that needs to be sued over to protect.  obama and eric “bull” holder are just horrible.   Would obama ever say this lady was clinging to her religion?  Of course not.

Illegals now using American Military uniforms in their attempts to enter the Country.

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Though, I suppose the defenders of illegals will just say they were showing their desire to serve in our military,  the rest of us just see more disrespect for America on the part of illegals.

eric holder is worse than Bull Connor.

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We all know why eric holder holds his current position, not because he is qualified, but because of his skin color.  If he were anything other than black, he would not be the Attorney General.   It’s been obvious for a while he’s protected fellow black racists, but here is more evidence that he only sees a victim if they happen to be a minority.

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