Funny how this article seems more concerned with muslims being singled out than with many more Christians being the target of a terrorist attack.

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A fire, that has not even been proven to be set in response to the arrest of a muslim who wanted to target Christians at a Christmas tree lighting , appears to be getting more attention than the muslim who left no doubt who and why he wanted to bomb.

Funny, how the Mayor of the targeted City used the phase “knucklehead” to describe any attempts for revenge against muslims.  Did he also use such language against the muslim who was arrested for tying to bomb Christians?  Of course not, but it’s fine to use it against anyone that might want to seek revenge for yet another terrorist threat from a muslim.

This is exactly why America is losing this war, because we have too many politically correct people in charge, who would rather just spew their hatred at their fellow Americans than to ever say something mean toward the terror suspects.  Maybe he and others should ask the terrorists to not attack us, or question why they would want to even attack us.


Notice how obama can get worked up over the “fat cats” on Wall Street, but can’t seem to find the same anger when talking about the terrorists?  Funny, I  don’t think obama has said a single thing about this terror attempt.  I guess he’s been too busy playing basketball.


In response to the recent gang violence, the City of Manassas is going to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the violence.

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I received word from City Manager, Lawrence Hughes, the City is going to hold a Community Summit on Gang Activity in response to the concerns of City residences over the recent gang violence. Hopefully,  the meeting will be productive and lead to fewer gang members living in Manassas.

Muslim arrested after trying to kill Christians celebrating Christmas.

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Once again, thanks to the good work of law enforcement, a domestic terrorist attack is foiled.   However, it does raise interesting questions that we are sure to not get the answers to from obama.  Obama goes out of his way to say the Florida Preacher who wanted to burn the quran would put our soldiers at risk in Afghanistan, never mind they are already at risk simply for being there.   Now, of course that’s pretty much an admission that muslims will attack if they feel their religion is under attack.
Now, we have this muslim who even after being told children would be at the event, he did relent his quest to kill Christians.    Should we respond in kind, by rioting in the street and targeting muslims for revenge?   Of course not, but we’ll hear nevertheless that we should be tolerant of those that would kill us.

More waste by obama.

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obama never misses a chance to call people fat cats, or to bash  the wealthy.  And, he does like to tell people we have to sacrifice.   However, of course when it comes to his own lifestyle, well all the rules go out the window and it’s “do as I say, not as I do”.   Now, I understand the President needs to be protected and he should travel nicely. However, I’d like it if he would  stop preaching about the excesses of Americans.

Lots of police activity going on in the Wellington/GTS area.

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I’ve seen a number of police cars driving around this area tonight starting after 11:00pm  Could it be more fall out from the recent gang violence?

City Police arrest more in wake of gang violence.

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The City police have had a great response to the two recent gang fueled stabbings and today arrested at least one additional suspect.   Of course there are more excuses from the school “leadership” in the article.  While the school may not be able to protect every child walking to or from school, the school can kick out known gang members and limit the number of els students, most of which are illegal.

November 22 Manassas City Council meeting.

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It’s been a while since I last attended a City Council meeting and with the recent gang violence, I thought it was a good time to attend a meeting.   During the Citizen time, 8 people spoke about their concern with the illegal alien and gang issue.  All eight took a hard stance on the issue and were all of the opinion that more needs to be done by the  City to rid us of the both illegals and gangs.  One of the speakers, a newly arrived resident spoke about having previously lived in Hyattsville Md, and how he has had to call the police more often while living in Manassas than when living in Hyattsville which is known as a  crime ridden city.   Just sad.

Two people spoke mostly in favor of more social programs to combat the gang issue.   While they might have good intentions, more social programs for people that are not interested in them does nobody good.  Take away the conditions for illegals and gangs and they will leave.


The City Council received an earful tonight.  Lets’ see how they respond.



This is why every last employee that works for the Manassas City school division needs to be fired.

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This is the statement the school division released in response to the stabbing death of a student.   This is just another incident in a long line of embarrassing events that has happened at Osbourn over the last few years.  From teachers being fired for improper sexual contact with students to kids having sex in school.   And the best the school division can do is this?

There is zero accountability, and shows the school board and the division care only about the teachers union and how much tax payer money they can waste.

Manassas City Public Schools has been informed that the 9th grade student from Osbourn High School, who was stabbed on his way home from school Friday, November 19, 2010, has died from his injuries.

The entire school division mourns with the family in the loss of their loved one. Administrators are preparing grief counselors to be available for students at Metz Middle School and Osbourn High School on Monday, November 22.

The Manassas City Police Department is continuing its investigation of this tragedy.

And it continues.

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As if one stabbing was not enough, there was another one the very next night close to GTS.    The City Council and school board really think people want to move to our fine City.  They are not concerned with the high number of ESL students, or the low graduation rate of the high school.    Well, add a brewing gang battle to the list of reasons why we are not going to attract the type of families we need to improve the City.

Georgetown South strikes again.

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All the good will and wasted energy and effort by those living outside of GTS will never turn around a once nice neighborhood.  The people currently living in the neighborhood are long past any sort of help and if they truly wanted to live in better conditions, they would take the lead to change their own neighborhood rather than wait for outsiders to do it.

I wonder how many of the suspects are illegal?


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