More bad news for the school system.

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According to this article in the Washington Post, of all the local school districts, ours come in last for the most bang for the buck.  It’s not surprising given the number of illegals in the school system and the wasteful spending that goes on.  Of course superintendent Pope believes all it is going to take to turn around the schools is more money.  What a joke our school system has become.    Any word from the school board about their concerns?  Of course not, they just keep screaming for more money too.    It should be criminal for this type of mismanagement to go on.  But, alas I guess from the City Council and school board, the members are not worried about the waste or the reputation of the school system.  No, they are just concerned about their pet art projects.


Virginia Senate in process of voting on an E-Verify bill.

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UPDATE:  The Senate voted 29 to 10 against the House amendments.  So there goes another chance to do something about removing illegals from the Commonwealth.   I suppose the Senators who voted against this bill are fine with the crime committed by illegals.  In fact, I’m not so sure they do not do a little dance every crime they hear about that is committed by an illegal, from raping children to killing adults.

It will be interesting to see how the Senate votes on E-Verify.    Unlike in the House, there seems to be more illegal alien supporters in the Senate.   Why, I do not know, but that is why it is so hard for many bills targeting illegal aliens to pass the Senate.

More liberals acting like little cry babies.

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I realize most liberals live dictatorships, because of their lust for complete power.  Libs, not happy with open elections, are acting as if they can make up the rules as they go.   It’s just amazing how they are just willing to walk away and discard the political process because they are not going to get their way.

Elected dem calls for blood in the street.

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But remember according to the press, it’s the tea party that is violent and needs to be stopped.  But, this liberal can pretty much call for blood to be spilled in defense of unions.

Update on Uno’s hosting a fundraiser for group that supports illegal aliens.

February 19, 2011 at 11:19 am | Posted in Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 1 Comment

I called Uno’s corporate office last week in response to their Manassas restaurant hosting a fundraiser for a group that supports illegals aliens.  The person I spoke with agreed the purpose of their program to help raise money for groups did was not intended for such groups, but if one is already planned there is not much that can happen right now.  She did say, because she has no authority to stop the program, she was going to send it up the line to the district manager.  So, well see what happens next.

Burglary reported at Manassas jewelry store | Emily Babay | Capital Land | Washington Examiner

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I’m sure this guy will be caught shortly, given how clear the pictures are.  And, when he is sitting in jail, I can decide if it was worth it.


Burglary reported at Manassas jewelry store | Emily Babay | Capital Land | Washington Examiner.

So our schools superintendent felt a house and foreclosure work shop is a community event worthy of using students as pawns.

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The Manassas City school superintendent,  Gail Pope, was asked by at least one City Council member on Wednesday, why she allowed a flier to be sent home with students that had nothing to do with schools or the City Government.   Her reply was the she considers it to be a community event.   Rather than focusing on the education of students, she’s using students as pawns in her liberal agenda.  The housing work house is sponsored in part by some very liberal groups.

The school system is falling apart,  and Pope wants to focus on home workshops.  Pope needs to be fired.

More lies from the White House.

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The new White House Spokesman, claims that obama’s stimulus package has met “it’s” goals.   Really, now?   I guess the White house thinks we’ll just believe anything they say at this point. Where are the millions of jobs?  Why is the unemployment rate at least a point higher than the White House claimed it would be?

So much for the liberals using less bombastic langauge.

February 17, 2011 at 4:59 pm | Posted in Anti-Americanism., liberalism, Media bias, National Politics, obama, White House scandals | Leave a comment

Here obama resorts to using language that is only used to inflame the far left.  Yet, because it’s a liberal using such language that’s fine with the media.

Liberal elected officials flee their State rather than do their jobs.

February 17, 2011 at 4:53 pm | Posted in Anti-Americanism., liberalism, National Politics, Public education. | Leave a comment

It’s just incredible to see elected officials acting this way, just because they would rather not hold a vote.    The situation in Wisconsin is not that far from what has happened in Greece.   Unions would rather bankrupt the State than work for a solution.   A few years ago, Texas liberals did the same, rather than face defeat.  Just disgusting.

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