obama trying to pass the buck, again.

June 11, 2011 at 9:40 am | Posted in Anti-Americanism., economy, Governement take over of the private sector, liberalism, National Politics, obama, White House scandals | Leave a comment

He’s spent the last two plus years bashing Corporate America, calling it greedy, etc, and passing rules and regulations making it harder to conduct business.   At the same time he promoted Big Government as the solution to all of our problems, passed a large “stimulus” package, etc.  Well, now that it has been proven the “stimulus” package was a waste of time and money and only provided benefits to unions, obama has to come up with a scape goat for his failing policies.  Now, he says it is up to the private sector to create jobs, and the Government can only serve to assist in making sure people are trained.


Now, I know the private sector should lead the way in creating jobs, but it’s worth pointing out how far obama will go in blaming others for his own stupid mistakes.  He has nothing left in order to get the economy going, and now he wants to blame others from here on, why there is not a growing job market.  What a jerk.





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