Why is the City of Manassas school system pushing a Housing and Foreclosure work shop on students?

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A flier that promotes a Housing and Foreclosure workshop were given to students by the school system.  I assume the students were to give the flier to their parents.  The work shop is scheduled to take place at St. Thomas UMC Church on February 20.   The work shop is sponsored by V.O.I.C.E., a liberal interfaith group.  Also listed on the flyer as sponsors are Legal Services of Northern Virginia, First Home Alliance, hispanic committee and others….   I wonder who the other groups are?

And for those that believe having an interfaith group organizing such an event is benign, V.O.I.C.E has ties to the IAF, Industrial Areas Foundation.   The IAF, uses  books such as Roots for Radicals, Organizing for Power, by Edward T Chambers and Michael Cowan,  and Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, as study guides and sources of their inspiration.

Who exactly in the school system gave approval for the flier to be passed out to students?   Who in the school system believed it was OK to promote a liberal group through students?   At at time when test scores and graduation rates are falling, the focus of the school system should be on improving student achievement, not pushing a radical agenda.


While I’m happy the City Council is starting to take steps to help rid our City of illegals and gang members, I have my doubts.

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As has been pointed out on this blog and elsewhere, a City staff that has not exactly been tearing up the World to enforce standards in housing, etc,  is now going to be counted on to step up their efforts.   There is also the concern that as time passes, the interest of the City Council and other City departments will diminish.  For any long term solution to work, the number one thing needed is determination on the part of those placed in charge with seeing the solution put into place.  With that said, here are a few suggestions I feel will go a long way in helping keep the focus on the solution.

The departments now charged with enforcing standards and zero tolerance of law breaking need to keep complete records of their efforts and provide monthly updates to the Council and to  our residents in order to see and prove they are in fact doing what the City Council has charged them to do.

The City Council also needs to create a Citizens advisory board to help shape future efforts and to ensure the resolution passed by the Council is being followed.  The advisory board needs to be made up of not just the Citizens who do not view this issue in the light that it needs to be, rather those that understand and  see the larger picture of what is involved.




General Assembly member and resident of the City of Manassas, Jackson Miller stands up to speak out against illegal aliens.

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Jackson Miller has had a pretty good record trying to fight illegal aliens.  I believe this past week just about put him over the top.  Good For Jackson. Let’s hope there are enough members of the General Assembly who feel the same way.

I’d say that was an old fashioned tongue lashing the City Council took tonight.

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Once again the Citizens of the City and neighboring Prince William County, came out to speak to the City Council on the every increasing violence in GTS.  As one could expect, except for one speaker, all the rest spoke strongly and emotionally about the ongoing issues of violence committed by gang members and illegal aliens.   It must have been painful for some members the Council to have to sit through such a tongue lashing, but so be it.  We all can’t just be focused on the arts scene and act as if everything else does not matter.

I was pleased to hear the City Council have a response in hand.  The Council passed a resolution in support of Prince William County’s attempt to subpoena ICE and the Federal Government to release data regarding the disposition and status of illegals taken into custody in either the City or County.


Also passed was a resolution which was mostly the work of Council Member Andy Harrover. The resolution provides steps the City will take in attempt to rid the City of illegals and gang members while at the same time improving the conditions of GTS and the rest of the City.   It’s a good first step, but while it is pretty easy to vote yes on such matters, it’s another thing to follow through.    Though, I have no doubt some members of the Council truly would like to take care of the issue, while others were just paying lip service to it.   However,  we Citizens will be there at every step reminding them of their votes tonight.

We’ll find out more tonight on how the City plans to take care of the recent outbreak of violence.

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The City Council meets tonight, and it will be the first time the Council as a body will be able to voice their reaction to the triple murder in GTS.   While I’m not expecting a finished plan by either the Council or the Police, I will be sorely disappointed, as others will be, if the Council does not make a statement on developing a plan to get a hand on the recent outbreak of violence.   That does not include talking about the Boys and Girls club, or how the kids need another ball field or court to play on.  On a side note, my son and I were at a local school yesterday playing basketball and we had the entire court to ourselves.   It was a warm sunny day, and not a kid in sight.   Many people who are in denial over the issues, believe that kids just need to have more outlets in order to not fall into bad habits.   Well, our experience yesterday hardly supports that.


The City Council meeting starts at 5:30 with public speaking time slated to start at 7:30.

What can the City of Manassas do to stop the violence in Georgetown South?

February 13, 2011 at 10:17 pm | Posted in City of Manassas, Gangs., Illegal Aliens | 3 Comments

The number one thing that has to happen is a change in attitude by the City leadership.  For too long, it appears the City leadership, while paying lip service to the mounting problems of illegal aliens and in particular the Georgetown South neighborhood, have just hoped that if they forgot about the problem, that somehow it would either go away or fix itself.

Well, the problems are not going to go away without great leadership that is willing to go all the way in ending the crime and blight in GTS.    While I can understand why the City may be a bit shy in going after illegals, after losing a lawsuit a few years ago, that does not mean, they should just throw up their hands and do nothing.

There is a reason why illegals and or gang members are coming to the city of Manassas, and it’s not for the jobs, that’s for sure. They come here because they know they have very little chance of ever being caught.    That has to change.  No longer should illegals and gang members feel as if they can come to the City to engage in their law breaking.   A zero tolerance program  by the police needs to be implemented.  That means every crime and traffic violation results in people being pulled over.   It’s illegal in the Commonwealth to have a modified muffler, which are popular with gang members and other crime prone folks.   If an officer sees a car that has a modified muffler, it should be pulled over, which gives them the chance to see if the occupants are gang members and or illegal aliens.  The City police should adopt what the Prince William police department has done, every person they come into contact with should be asked if they are legally in the Country or not.  Of course a policy change needs to happen, because as of right now, unless an arrest happens the police do not generally inquire about the legal status of people they come into contact with.

The City needs to develop an aggressive overcrowding program that does not single out large families, but rather the very obvious examples of “bunk houses” where people sleep in shifts, or examples were there are many different younger men, women and children.

The City needs to adopt a resolution that provides any company, that includes subcontractors,  that wishes to do business with the City must sign a waiver that states they do not employ illegals.  The company must also use E-verify.

The City must spend less on ESL classes, which is a magnet for illegals.

The bottom line is that if the City makes it difficult for illegals and gang members to live or visit here, they will go away.  There is a reason why many Cities do not have this issue, and why we do.





The denial factor continues in the face of reality.

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The President of the GTS HOA also believes that cleaner streets and holding hands will just make everyone forget how bad the GTS neighborhood is.   Does she also really believe a 37 year old illegal alien cares if the streets are clean or if there is a Boys and Girls club?    It’s just amazing to see people making excuses, and of course never talk about personal responsibility.  No, to them, it’s all about what other social program can we get started.


I simply do not understand the liberal mind.

February 12, 2011 at 8:33 pm | Posted in City of Manassas, Gangs., Illegal Aliens, liberalism | 1 Comment

The Georgetown South Neighborhood has been a blight for some time.  Over the years, attempts have been made to make it a safer place to live.  Countless hours, money and social programs have been spent in these efforts. Each effort to fix up the neighborhood has been done in good faith, but it’s like trying to stop an incoming tide.   The efforts have resulted in short periods where the neighborhood has been turned around.  The key word is short.

Now, in the wake of six shootings and two stabbings that have either happened within the neighborhood or in the immidiate area of it, the liberal response has been to double down on the holding of hands and spending even more money on feel good social programs, and or facilities they insist are needed and will make a difference.  It’s like the liberal brain is programed to just keep repeating the same thing over and over, “just one more basketball court”,” just one more outsider to come in and clean up the neighborhood”.


What they do not realize is that while there is nothing wrong with volunteering and helping out their fellow residents, or even having outlets for children, is that if personal responsibility is not taught at the same time, people will become dependant on such charity.    When people become dependent on others or the Government to “run” their lives, personal pride and responsibility suffers.

So it’s no wonder the residents of Georgetown South have very little pride in their neighborhood, and that crime continues to be a major issue.

The most recent murders are thought to have been committed by a 37 year old illegal alien.   Now, it’s pretty funny to hear the knee jerk reaction from liberals that we just need to have more fences painted, or the Boys and Girls Club needs to be more in reach for kids.  Now, why would the liberals want a 37 year old illegal alien hanging out at the Boys and Girls club?    It’s just a silly idea, but unfortunately, that’s all the liberals can say in response to this crime.   It’s as if they can’t admit to anything thing else.


The time for holding hands and painting fences is over.  Tough measures must be taken in order to turn around GTS.



Illegal alien suspect arrested twice after having been ordered deported.

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Here is the central issue at hand. We have an illegal alien ordered to be deported in 2002, still in the Country in 2011.  He was arrested twice since 2002, but both times was either able to avoid jail or pay a fine to avoid jail time.   Why the judge in the first case suspended the sentence is beyond me, but that’s another issue.   It’s obvious this illegal did not fear the police, or being deported, since he did not change his life style after being given a deportation order.  Now, why is that?  Is it because we have spineless politicians and law enforcement types who would rather turn a blind to illegals?  Maybe these same people are using illegals on the side, and do not want to get rid of their domestic help?    I honestly cannot understand at this point how anyone elected or not is not in favor of passing laws to rid our City, Commonwealth and Nation of every last illegal.  There are no longer illegals who are considered “good” or just hard working or whatever excuse their apologists come up.



The Manassas City Manager needs to be fired.

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The illegal alien suspect in the triple murder is 37 years old, I don’t think he’s a candidate to become a member of the boys and girls club.   But, that did not stop Mr. Hughes, from providing more liberal talking points about how all that is needed to stop illegals from killing is more social outreach.



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