Here is a typical open border illegal alien supporter.

March 24, 2011 at 10:19 pm | Posted in Anti-Americanism., Illegal Aliens, liberalism, Media bias, Mexican crime | Leave a comment

This guy gets his panties in a bunch because a girl is denied re-entry based on being with an illegal.  He further distorts the story by saying she was deported.  No, she was not deported, she was denied re-entry, there is a difference.  But, I suppose to a guy who supports criminals, destortation is not that big of a deal.  He of course plays the ethnic card as well, by asking a  lawyer if this would happen to a girl of european ethnicity.  Of course the lawyer says no, but do we really know that answer?   And, I wonder if the writer of this opinion piece would do such a story if the girl was not hispanic?

He rails on about ICE for doing their jobs and wonders if there are any illegals left in the Country if they have to single out Citizens.   Well, I suppose for the open border types, they would rather have ICE deport nobody.   I wonder if he’d rail about ICE for not deporting enough, as he seems to believe they are deporting too many.  We’ve had a number of Americans killed by illegals here in Northern VA since last fall, but I’ve not read anything by this writer where he takes ICE to task for not protecting us from illegals, or how we need to rid our Nation of illegals.   Is he calling for ICE officials to be fired for not protecting us?  Of course not.

He also believes using the word anchor baby is hateful.   It is a fact illegals come here just to have babies in order to take advantage of their children being born here.    But nevermind, he’s in favor of such tactics.



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