It’s not just Manassas City schools that are in trouble.

March 9, 2011 at 6:35 pm | Posted in Anti-Americanism., Illegal Aliens, liberalism, Public education. | 4 Comments

I’ve long been outspoken on the public school system in America.   Liberalism has infested many if not most of the schools.  It’s no longer about teaching students, it’s about growing the power of the NEA Union, and brainwashing students.  We are seeing forty years of that effort on the part of liberals to kill the public school system.  It’s not surprising to see so many schools at risk under leave no child behind.

Of course the liberals will say we need to spend even more money on public school, just as they have said about our schools in Manassas.   The only way to fix the public school system is to remove the NEA union, kick out illegal aliens, and do away with ESL classes.  If those steps are taken, then we might be able to save public education.  If not, then our future as a third World Nation will be unavoidable.





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  1. I take a different perspective. I believe what the schools need is more competition. Currently they are a monopoly. Like all monopolies they become stagnant and uncaring about their consumer. Competition raises the bar for all enterprises and would be no different for the education of children. The money that we spend per student should be attached to the student. The money should follow the student and the student should be able to freely go to whatever school attracts them. Principals should be given full control over their little fiefdom including hiring, firing, and budget. Bottom line: if a school can’t attact enough students to survive then it should not do so. Revolutionary? Yes, but it is the system in San Francisco (of all places) and it has resulted in an astronomical improvement in testing scores. Children in SF have an array of schools to choose from with some offering niche programs to attract students like science/tech focus or performing arts focus.

    Good articles on this approach here

    and here

    enlightening reading to say the least.

    • I don’t want my money taken from me to go to kids who are here illegally. I don’t want my money to go to students who will attend muslim schools, learn sharia law and get brainwashed into killing Americans and Christians.

      Countrydoc, if you want to do that then volunteer your own money but don’t volunteer mine!

  2. What are you talking about?! Noone said anything about muslim schools and sharia law.. This is the problem with posting about complex problems on a blog. Mental midgets with no brain cells want to fire off on their own tangent. For the record, there are no muslim schools teaching sharia in San Francisco and your money is already being “taken” to educate the children of illegal aliens (and poorly at that).

    • You said the money should follow the student…you did say that. What would you expect to happen if the money follows the student? Want to use some of your brain cells, pal?

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