“First class schools for a first class City”

March 7, 2011 at 8:51 am | Posted in City of Manassas, Public education. | 13 Comments

That is that is the slogan on the Manassas City school division home page.   Is there anything that would lead us to believe that statement has any truth to it at all?


Here is another statement from the website.


Welcome to Manassas City Public Schools. Our motto, “First Class Schools for a First Class City,” drives the work of almost 1,000 full and part time teachers, administrators, and support staff who serve approximately 7,000 students on nine campuses.

At the administrative level, our staff is committed to serving the schools, students, parents and community to the best our capacity by:

  • meeting the service needs of all schools to insure success and support the educational process;
  • maximizing the resources and structure of the Central Office to enable the efficient delivery of services; and
  • developing a cooperative partnership between the schools, Central Office and the community to enhance each role in the educational process.

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students and staff.  We cordially invite citizens to visit our schools and to attend the many academic, cultural, and sports events held each week!


A recent study just concluded in fact, the  school system was not maximizing resources, which means the schools are not running efficiently at all.  One would believe if the school system was proud of the academic accomplishments, they would provide some information to back that claim.  However, there is no mention of the 75% graduation rate, or the even lower rate for esl students.  No mention of the low test scores as compared to other State wide districts.




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  1. COM,

    Do you think the corollary would ever enter their minds?

    Poorly performing schools = X


  2. X= my tax bill going from $1600 to $3600 in ten yrs for what?

    We put Three kids through the schools here ,the last graduating in 2001,($1.00 tax rate) all honor students,all college grads now.
    If they were young now we would move.

    Some one needs to manage our money like I do At home with a finite budget and live with it.

    I email,phone,write, usually with a polite response from Mr. Aveni only.
    You can see the relationships with the city manager and council,staff,when watching the meetings (“Good ol’Boy club”).
    The council controls the cash but are too embedded with the manager and staff to make any difficult cuts or changes.

    No one else complains about the ridiculous tax rate or has an interest to face the council in any numbers so my new plan is when the market comes back, I’m out.

  3. The only way is to identify others who are interested in the council seats and ‘vote the bums out’. COM should run!

  4. Yes getting 4 new council members in 2012 is greatly needed. COM you should run, I agree. Then we have a school board who also needs replaced. What were they thinking to sign a 3 year contract with the superintendent paying a salary of $178,000 plus a $20,000 annuity at $500 per month, a car, mileage and a cadillac health care package? There are actually 10 Ph.D’s getting paid big money here in our city schools and the AYP is not improving. Check out the http://www.MCPSforumblogspot.com site and leave your comments. Finally, a place for voices to speak what is working and not in our schools. Parents are tired of getting all of their questions directed to school board members andswered by the superintendent!

  5. correction – http://www.MCPSforum.blogspot.com

  6. Hey Bud,

    You’re right we moved in 2000 and within a few short years it was like I was back in the USSR when it collapsed.

    Lindy et al,

    I set the blog up at the request of several parents/citizens for people to vent a little, but more so, so that we can get a little bit more transparency and openess into how and why the school system is flailing about so pathetically. With malice towards none, I think, we would like it to develop into a place where we can civilly but honestly discuss problems and solutions which the conductors of our struggling school systems would prefer to ignore or send any would be discussants to detention.

    The format and design is still in development, but if COM has no objection, since he has been such a leader on the subject I would like to cross post his current post to kick things off. Of course he’s more than welcome to jot down some other thoughts as well, but I think he’s definitely earned the first post.


  7. Doug,

    Not at all. I tried to post on your blog over the weekend, but it did not take. The more outlets we have to talk about the school situation the better. I’m more of the belief now that Pope and others would rather just attempt to hide, deny, and run, rather than address concerns.


    Clearly money is not the answer to better schools.


    I don’t mind paying taxes, just not too much of them. I also want to see some good return on my “investment” and that’s not happening right now with the schools, which uses the most tax dollars.

  8. COM,

    I’ll check out what’s up with it this afternoon. Thanks.

  9. Com,
    You are doing a good job keeping the debate going on Vice Mayor Harrover’s blog about school issues and keeping the viewers focused on school priorities……the focus constantly shifts from what is important to what another good idea has come out of the think-tank of thinkers! Wow, the distractions that keep coming up are like annoying nats.

    As one in the fight for reform in our city schools, we have to continue to keep driving the point home – our city schools are in crisis. And what are you elected officals doing about it?

    It is uncomfortable for many to actually look at this situation and realize it is a crisis. Some avoid doing so as it ruins the hometown image. It is more pleasant to think about bike paths and conservation initiatives as that is ‘cool’ and very ‘green’ in the economic development MANASSAS NEXT plan, along with density in housing and more affordable housing. By the way, it was the NRC who brought to the council attention that the school piece was really not being addressed in this Manassas Next plan. Does anyone other than me find that a little odd??

    It is up to the citizens of this city to keep our governing bodies focused on the short-term and long-term goals. If we don’t keep them on coarse, who exactly will? Education reform is a MUST to bring the quality of home seekers into Manassas that we need to sustain us in the long run.

    • Well, we all should want more from our leaders and tax dollars.

  10. COM,

    Could you add the link to MCPSforum.blogspot.com to your page? For convenience of your viewers, it would convenitently allow them to directly go there as well.


  11. COM,
    You should be able to post now on the MCSP forum.

    • Thanks. I’ll add the link.

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