More waste by the City Council.

March 5, 2011 at 12:35 am | Posted in City of Manassas, Illegal Aliens, Uncategorized | 3 Comments

The Council wants to hire a PR person to send out releases regarding the City and schools.  Well, given the amount of bad news of late regarding both, I’m not surprised the Council would like to start a propaganda, errr, pr campaign in order to try to take the focus off the negative news.  However, if we have to pay for fluff pieces, the horse is too far down the road to call back, and we have larger issues than that.


What the City Council can do though to make  improvements is to get rid of the silly agreement that gives the school system a certain amount of the overall general funds regardless if it is needed or not, and to pass laws that crackdown on illegals living in the City.  No amount of spin is going to change the public perception of the City if we continue to have crimes tied to illegals and a failing school system.



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  1. COM,

    I guess our representatives aren’t satisfied in simply ‘bs’ing us they want to take their bs to the world. Of course, as usual we get to pay for it.

    I wonder who they will hire? Weren’t there some PR people connected to the Foundation? Maybe they can give us a discount?

  2. Marc Aveni seems to be the only one looking out for the tax payor. My personal belief is that the only people who should serve on the council are those that dont need the job. Professional politicians end up as part of the problem because they are too afraid to make courageous decisions. We need citizen members who dont care if they piss off the bureaucracy of the city.

  3. It does seem the current Council is made up of at least two members who are just self serving and really are not looking out for the City. That’s the downside to living in a small town, a few people can hijack it, and the rest of us suffer.

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