Hypocrisy on the part of mexico.

March 2, 2011 at 10:34 pm | Posted in Anti-Americanism., Illegal Aliens, International news, Mexican crime | 5 Comments

I just love how mexico wades into our domestic issues all the time.   The president of mexico has no issues, while on official State visits, to insult Americans who are concerned with illegal aliens.  Mexico has no issues with supplying their citizens who live in America with mexican id cards, that are worthless and are just a cover for illegals  Yet, the minute we say something critical about their weak war against drugs and gangs, they turn defensive.   Have to love the double standard.





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  1. COM,

    Here’s a story for you. I knew this was in the works a couple weeks ago from another writer working on some of the leads the writer got from sources I worked with on USCIS. This is typical of the former INS bureaucracy and everyone in DC i.e. exec, congress, contractor world knows it, and still they have let it go on for political and financial reasons, we are led by crooks.

  2. Amen to that DB. Political Correctness = Corrupt Punks. I had a stomping moment when I watched the 2 ‘pretty boys’ standing behind their bully pulpits with distain painted on their faces towards America. I found the President of Mexico’Calzone’ displaying the same contempt his own people have for our country by not speaking the English language during this press release. We all know he is capable of doing so. I interpretented his action as a form of solidarity with the masses of Mexican’s living in and out of shadows here in America who REFUSE to assimilate. To have both country’s national flags standing together on the White House stage tells be there is a unity in purpose, prominance and persuasion working through the political process. Remember the North American Alliance(North American Competitiveness Council) formed back in President GW’s reign was to bring these two countries together for more than economic reasons.

    I found it hypocritical that Prez Calzone is so adament about keeping the northern Mexican border open into the U.S.A. but with armed guards he keeps his southern border closed. To not allow for our Border Patrol or any U. S. immigration official to enter Mexico unarmed is nothing more than a suicide mission these employees are being send in to fulfill. I call it the redistribution of death. The death toll so far in 2011 in Mexico is 2,000 due to the warlings with drugs. One can suppose just to ‘be fair’ 2,000 American lives must be sacrificed as well. The simple truth is way beyond these goons comprehension. Close the border. This automatically not only slows but stops the flow of weapons from reaching the otherside. Arm Border Patrol agents to shot when they attempt to come in. Who believes these ‘pretty boys’ are really this stupid? Not I!

  3. Lindy,

    Then we hear that our government is actually assiting in the arming of the drug cartels. Brilliant.


  4. Doug,

    Thanks for the link. It’s just disgusting and very unsettling that Homeland “security” is run by such people. These two traitors should receive a death sentence for their crimes.

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