So our schools superintendent felt a house and foreclosure work shop is a community event worthy of using students as pawns.

February 17, 2011 at 11:50 pm | Posted in City of Manassas, liberalism, Public education. | 8 Comments

The Manassas City school superintendent,  Gail Pope, was asked by at least one City Council member on Wednesday, why she allowed a flier to be sent home with students that had nothing to do with schools or the City Government.   Her reply was the she considers it to be a community event.   Rather than focusing on the education of students, she’s using students as pawns in her liberal agenda.  The housing work house is sponsored in part by some very liberal groups.

The school system is falling apart,  and Pope wants to focus on home workshops.  Pope needs to be fired.



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  1. I look forward to the 40 days for Life flyer in our kids’ backpacks.

  2. Folks would do well to look up “Voice” and the “Hispanic Coalition” who are “sponsors” of this event and see what they are all about – think the word is community organizers under the guise of Churches helping people, why is our City promoting these groups? Perhaps that is why illegals keep coming to our City? Mr. Brown, I too look forward to some pro-life info coming home in little Sally’s backpack!

  3. From the Voice Prince William Web Site – wonder how much the director, Mr. Trimble is paid to help the poor?

    Increase Access to Dental Care for Low-Income Adults: a) Secure $5 million in Emergency TANF Funding from Federal Stimulus to support VA Health Care Foundation’s state-wide low-income dental services for work initiative, b) secure $125,000 to support low-income dental services in Prince William County.

    Address Affordable Housing & Homelessness: a) undertake actions around specific opportunities to preserve and develop affordable housing (e.g. North Hill, Columbia Pike); b) continue to research available public land and incentives for future development of affordable housing; c) analyze and develop foreclosure strategy for Prince William County.

    Organize for Immigration Justice Locally & Nationally: a) secure meetings with Secretary Napolitano and USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas on Immigration Processing Backlog b) continue Listening Sessions in at least 10 V.O.I.C.E. institutions to develop priorities for immigration justice.

    Local Action: Engage in local action to build core teams, develop leaders, secure local wins that build loyalty to VOICE, & provide opportunities for prospective member institutions to see VOICE in action. Priority opportunities include: a) Arlington Columbia Pike; b) Georgetown South—Manassas; c) Homeless in woods in Dale City/Woodbridge; Fairfax/South Rt. 1 Minority Student Achievement & Affordable Housing.

  4. Oh there is more to this story!

    VOICE Prince William is a proud part of the Chicago organization INF, so let’s see how these “Obama lovin’ Chicago thugs” spend their time and energy from the IAF website:

    The leaders and organizers of the Industrial Areas Foundation build organizations whose primary purpose is power – the ability to act – and whose chief product is social change. (How wonderful, let’s give the GTS trouble makers some more power on the tax payer dime!)

    Here we get to some interesting information on this group:

    Fully committed to comprehensive immigration reform, the Southwest IAF organizations have been actively working at federal, state and local levels for more humane conditions for immigrants. Affiliates organize native-born as well as foreign-born supporters for national reform, educate recent immigrants with financial and know-your-rights toolkits in predominantly-immigrant institutions, and work to support policies which protect immigrants while defeating those which would unfairly penalize them for their status. California affiliates have successfully changed vehicle impoundment laws in urban municipalities and equipped thousands of individuals with government accepted photo-ID cards; the Arizona network successfully blocked scores of anti-immigrant legislation; affiliates in Iowa have led voter education initiatives on the fiscal and economic impacts of immigration; and Texas organizations are launching civic academies in judicatory participation. All immigration initiatives are deeply rooted in the faith and democratic teachings of member institutions and seek to connect leaders across race, ethnic and language lines.

    So while the City Council is trying to rid the City of illegals with programs like 287 G, our failing schools under Ms. Pope and her army of well paid, do little, Ph.Ds are promoting VOICE and their goals that are directly counter to that.

  5. The IAF is a fascinating orgainzation. It played a major role in Al Gore’s notorious efforts to force the INS to rush nationalization without proper background checks to increase Democratic voting rolls in 1996. David Schippers who was the lead counsel for the House impeachment against President Clinton, and who was a life-long Catholic Democrat from Chicago, believed these type of activities by the Clinton-Gore tean should have been the larger and more serious focus of the Republicans when they sought to impeach Clinton for his conduct in office.

    It was an IAF memo which help set in motion the whole CUSA process

    which essentially led to the collapse of the US immigration system.

    The Catholic Campaign for Human Development CCHD is a major source

    of funding for IAF and has been for years much to the chargrin of

    some Catholics. If you recognize the CCHD, yes you’re right ACORN.

    • “naturalization,” nationalization is of course another goal of like-minded groups

  6. In regard to Dr. Pope in this matter. If she was aware of all the poltical dimensions of this little flyer then she is nothing more than a political hack who is using our school system to promote her political agenda thru our kids.

    If she was oblivious, which is more likely, to the groups’ political ties, and remember all because one re-labels political activities as communitiy activities does not take away their poltical nature, then the question is why is someone making @178k (?) so oblivious to what she is having our kids hand out.

    I’ll tell you what if a pro-life superintendent attempted to pass on a community event thru the kids, our city attorney would be botching up / losing another lawsuit as far as you can ACLU.

  7. COM,

    No political connection here between political and community organizing:

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