I’d say that was an old fashioned tongue lashing the City Council took tonight.

February 14, 2011 at 11:04 pm | Posted in City of Manassas, Gangs., Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 2 Comments

Once again the Citizens of the City and neighboring Prince William County, came out to speak to the City Council on the every increasing violence in GTS.  As one could expect, except for one speaker, all the rest spoke strongly and emotionally about the ongoing issues of violence committed by gang members and illegal aliens.   It must have been painful for some members the Council to have to sit through such a tongue lashing, but so be it.  We all can’t just be focused on the arts scene and act as if everything else does not matter.

I was pleased to hear the City Council have a response in hand.  The Council passed a resolution in support of Prince William County’s attempt to subpoena ICE and the Federal Government to release data regarding the disposition and status of illegals taken into custody in either the City or County.


Also passed was a resolution which was mostly the work of Council Member Andy Harrover. The resolution provides steps the City will take in attempt to rid the City of illegals and gang members while at the same time improving the conditions of GTS and the rest of the City.   It’s a good first step, but while it is pretty easy to vote yes on such matters, it’s another thing to follow through.    Though, I have no doubt some members of the Council truly would like to take care of the issue, while others were just paying lip service to it.   However,  we Citizens will be there at every step reminding them of their votes tonight.



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  1. The only items here to speak of is the addition of a foot patrol to GTS and the promise that somehow the same staff that has been afraid of their shadow for so many years will vigorously implement a zero-tolerance policy towards zoning violators and misdemeanor crimes. I’ve got some faith in the police to do their part, but based on experience not much at all for the rest of city government.

    No GTS police substation. No talk about working with the feds for a sweep for illegal aliens. No mention of cracking down on document mills, human trafficking, and the rest. This doesn’t at all look like the strong leadership on this issue citizens are demanding.

    Real change is likely only to come when city residents start showing up with photos of obvious problems at each council meeting asking why the city isn’t following through on its promise, if that proves to be the case.

  2. Greg,

    I tend to trust the police on this issue. They’re required to say as little as possible publically in regard to what, where, and when they will do operationally. The City employees and the effect of having LH in charge is another matter and will only change once Hughes is sacked and the rest of the employees are read the riot act.

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