What can the City of Manassas do to stop the violence in Georgetown South?

February 13, 2011 at 10:17 pm | Posted in City of Manassas, Gangs., Illegal Aliens | 3 Comments

The number one thing that has to happen is a change in attitude by the City leadership.  For too long, it appears the City leadership, while paying lip service to the mounting problems of illegal aliens and in particular the Georgetown South neighborhood, have just hoped that if they forgot about the problem, that somehow it would either go away or fix itself.

Well, the problems are not going to go away without great leadership that is willing to go all the way in ending the crime and blight in GTS.    While I can understand why the City may be a bit shy in going after illegals, after losing a lawsuit a few years ago, that does not mean, they should just throw up their hands and do nothing.

There is a reason why illegals and or gang members are coming to the city of Manassas, and it’s not for the jobs, that’s for sure. They come here because they know they have very little chance of ever being caught.    That has to change.  No longer should illegals and gang members feel as if they can come to the City to engage in their law breaking.   A zero tolerance program  by the police needs to be implemented.  That means every crime and traffic violation results in people being pulled over.   It’s illegal in the Commonwealth to have a modified muffler, which are popular with gang members and other crime prone folks.   If an officer sees a car that has a modified muffler, it should be pulled over, which gives them the chance to see if the occupants are gang members and or illegal aliens.  The City police should adopt what the Prince William police department has done, every person they come into contact with should be asked if they are legally in the Country or not.  Of course a policy change needs to happen, because as of right now, unless an arrest happens the police do not generally inquire about the legal status of people they come into contact with.

The City needs to develop an aggressive overcrowding program that does not single out large families, but rather the very obvious examples of “bunk houses” where people sleep in shifts, or examples were there are many different younger men, women and children.

The City needs to adopt a resolution that provides any company, that includes subcontractors,  that wishes to do business with the City must sign a waiver that states they do not employ illegals.  The company must also use E-verify.

The City must spend less on ESL classes, which is a magnet for illegals.

The bottom line is that if the City makes it difficult for illegals and gang members to live or visit here, they will go away.  There is a reason why many Cities do not have this issue, and why we do.







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  1. COM,

    Not only do they not have to worry about being caught but they get tons of free/gratis stuff! Free!Free! blared the flyer that all our little kiddies brought home last week from school. ‘We on the School Board and in the central office may be doing a pitiful job of getting your kids through school but let us help you figure out how to pay your mortgage!’ No kidding folks, the Manassas City schools are now getting into the mortgage advice business. And get this, it gets even funnier and more absurd, because while the City Council is afraid to mention God in their prayers, the Manassas City Schools under our Pope is now using our children to promote the mission of V.O.I.C.E., an interfaith religious organization. Who is V.O.I.C.E.? Look it up, and look at the Chicago connection. The Saul Alinsky connection is priceless. Way to go Father Bob, and other Catholic Churches in the area to sign up with an organization that has its roots in a social theorist who dedicates his major work to Lucifer.No partisanship here, hey Republican City Council? We are truly clueless in Manassas. But hey, tons of free/gratis stuff.

  2. CoM:

    Where have you been for the last three years, living under a rock? The PWC Police do not have the policy, “every person they come into contact with should be asked if they are legally in the Country or not.” Their policy is to determine legal presence of anyone arrested.

    • Robert,

      Thanks for the correction.

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