Where is obama’s concern for life when it comes to shady abortion clinics?

January 27, 2011 at 1:55 pm | Posted in abortion., Guns, liberalism, Media bias, obama, White House scandals | 1 Comment

Of course like the vast majority of liberals, obama hates the Second Amendment and would love to take away our gun rights.   He of course is going to push for more laws against gun ownership.  I do not believe there  is anyone who supports allowing mentally ill people from having guns.  However, there is no question, based on his track record that obama will just stop at that.  And, that’s the problem, because he simply can’t control his hate for guns.

Now, of course in light of the horrible story regarding the abortion doctor in Pennsylvania, I wonder why obama has not spoken out on that issue? Why is he not going to propose new laws to tighten the oversight of abortion clinics?

It’s because he does not see one abortion doctor as an issue, and therefore is not concerned if there are additional doctors engaged in the same operation.




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  1. are you looking for more regulations on Abortion Clinics – I thought you were a no regulation type of guy. Since you have crossed the barrier, why not impose regulation on *all* Doctors, not just the Doctors performing abortions. SHould a young girl needing an appendectomy get the same assurance of a safe surgery….

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