Obama believes murdering babies is a private family matter.

January 23, 2011 at 9:33 am | Posted in abortion., Anti-Americanism., liberalism | Leave a comment

So, now when women are punished by getting pregnant, that’s how obama sees pregancy(that’s how he discribed pregancy when talking about how he did not want his daughters to be punished by getting pregnant)  Now, in his eyes abortion is a  private family matter.  Really?  Well, if it’s a private family matter, than why is there public funding for killing babies?


Like many liberals, obama, is sick in the brain to celebrate the face we can openly murder babies.  But wait, they love to talk about how we need to protect children.  I guess that means the ones they decide to not murder.

Where is his celebration of our right to own guns?  That’s right, he does not support such freedom and in fact would love to see that right taken away.




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