New ICE program looks promising.

December 22, 2010 at 10:27 am | Posted in Illegal Aliens | 1 Comment
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At first glance, this new program looks like another way to weed out illegals from being hired. Of course because this is a Washington post article, they did not say if any illegals were found to be working at the company or if under the program what is the process if illegals are found to be working at a company being audited.


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  1. I would assume most companies would give their employees plenty of advance warning that ICE was auditing their records, thus giving the illegals a chance to terminate prior to ICE coming around. Even if they did not give the advance notice, word would get around quickly that the Feds were in the office. It seems like the objective of the program is to deter the hiring of illegal aliens, not to catch them. It’s not a bad strategy, if it’s effective in achieving that objective. Too many resourcers are put into catching and deporting illegal aliens who simply re-enter and go back to their old jobs. If the jobs weren’t there, they’d self deport, saving us a whole bunch of money.

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