Another illegal released by ICE is now murder suspect.

September 27, 2010 at 6:42 pm | Posted in Anti-Americanism., Illegal Aliens, liberalism, Media bias, National Politics, obama, White House scandals | 1 Comment

This is a troubling trend on the part of ICE.   This is at least the second time in recent weeks that  an illegal, known to ICE was allowed to live illegally in the Country, who then went on to commit a more serious crime.   ICE it seems only wants to focus on those illegals that commit “real” crimes, as a result those deemed to have just broken fake crimes, like entering the Country illegally, are not taken seriously.   How many more people will be killed at the hands of illegals before this administration gets serious about the issue?

It’s also interesting to note the article mentions that an illegal alien had a hand in the attempted Times Square bombing.  The media did a good job of hiding that fact, no doubt because they love illegals, as much as obama does.


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  1. Well, thank god that the Obama administration is deporting vastly more criminally offending illegals than the Bush administration ever did. Right?

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