Traitors in Congress

May 20, 2010 at 1:12 pm | Posted in Anti-Americanism., Congress, Illegal Aliens, liberalism, Mexican crime, National Politics, obama, White House scandals | 4 Comments

It’s not something new of course, but today the liberals in Congress again showed they are traitors.   The mexican president spoke in Congress today and of course spoke about the Arizona illegal alien law, that is far less restrictive than the immigration laws of his own nation, and again repeated his opinion that he did not like the law, and received a standing ovation from a number of liberals that populate Congress.  These people have no shame when they openly cheer a foreign leader who is criticizing a domestic law of the United States.     it’s simply amazing these people still want to be considered Americans.  They are not Americans, they are traitors, end of story.



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  1. “that is far less restrictive than the immigration laws of his own nation”

    I don’t think you’ve read Mexican border security legislation. I’m calling shenanigans. Also, at what time did you think to yourself, “Dang, Mexico has this border security thing down. We should just be doing what they’re doing! It’ll be awesome!”

  2. You can call it what you want, but Mexico has far worse immigration laws than America does. Why is this clown offended by our immigration laws? Why does he even care about them? He cares, because like every other clown from mexico who can’t run their own Nation, he needs to make sure plenty of mexicans come here illegally for us to take care of them, rather then reform his own economy that would enable Mexico to create enough jobs so that they stay there instead of coming here. It’s far easier to bash America than it is to create a better system in his own Country.

    • He isn’t really offended and you know it. I have no inside scoop into the internal politics of Mexico. I suspect he is against Arizona’s immigration reform because he can use it to personal political advantage. He is after all a politician. However, what I do know is this. Whatever Mexico’s border policies and however hypocritical its president is, none of those things has anything to say about how the U.S. should treat its own citizens. I am not against the new Arizona law because it will catch illegals. I am against it because of the new burden it places upon American citizens, and the potential for abuse that clearly exists in the law.

  3. I agree that he may not be offended by it, and as I pointed it’s easier for him to bash the law than it is for him to enact change in his own Country that would greatly cut down on illegals coming here. Just look at Canada, the number of illegals coming from Canada is far lower than what is coming from the south. What’s the difference? It’s still bad fourm to allow foriegn leaders to bash our domestic laws while here on offical visits. However, it’s par for the course under mr. empty suit. I’m not sure if this has happen to this extent before, and that of course makes mr. empty suit look even worse.

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