National intelligence director resigning –

May 20, 2010 at 8:41 pm | Posted in National Politics, obama, Terrorism, White House scandals | 12 Comments

Another obama failure.    obama set the tone early on with his less than serious outlook at the danger of terrorism, and that attitude has infected the departments that are charged with protecting us from terrorism.  

National intelligence director resigning –



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  1. ‘less than serious outlook at the danger of terrorism’??????
    Huh? Bush wasn’t even in the right country.

  2. obama is less than serious about it. Recall the term to use according to him is a man made disaster, not a terrorist act.

    • You’re factually wrong, probably not about this one time when the president said ‘man made disaster.’ However, Obama has also said extremists, terrorists, etc… many many times. Moreover, actions speak louder than words. Obama at least hasn’t declared premature victory, has targeted the war to the countries where the groups that attacked us actually are, has escalated troop levels there, has ramped up drone attacks into Pakistan targeting significant figures, has blah blah blah on and on ad nausium….
      And to top it all off, he’s done most of this without appearing to be Dr. Evil to the rest of our allied countries. You know, our biggest trading partners. So, as I said, you are simply factually wrong.

  3. Sure he has said those words, but what is the official designation the administration uses? It’s not radical Islamic terrorisim that’s for sure.

    We did see victory in Iraq. Unlike many libs who said victory was no longer an option when the war was not even over. Nice to see the libs throw our military under the bus before the war was over.

    obama took months to decide to send additional troops to Afghanistan, sent fewer than was requested and put a withdraw date that is only six to eight months after the last of the troops arrive in Country. That’s a huge mistake. How do we know there has been a ramp up in drone attacks? I hope you are not trusting obama’s word, since he can’t be trusted on any topic, from the closing of gitmo to unemployment numbers.

    He got into a trade with mexico, Canada, has pissed of England, and Israel.

  4. What ‘official designation’ are you talking about? Was there an ‘official designation’ under Bush, or are you, as I suspect you are, making stuff up?
    Victory in Iraq? In what sense? I guess they don’t really have the ability to threaten the U.S. with weapons of mass destruction, which was the stated purpose for going there in the first place, or those Al Qaida ties. But isn’t that kinda like claiming you’re due a nobel prize for discovering that deserts are arid?
    And, by all accounts, even FOX news, Obama has drastically increased the numbers of drone strikes into Pakistan, coordinating with Pakistan officials (which certainly carries its own problems) to locate and eliminate Al Qaida figures.

  5. Oh, and that last sentence you said was just babbling, like baby talk or something. It doesn’t even make sense. Also, even what I think you were trying to say is simply a lie, but I couldn’t say for sure, you never linked to anything, you just blurted nonsense.

  6. Again, we have faced more terror attacks attempts in the last year than in the last 8 combined. That’s on obama’s watch. Why can’t he show the same anger against terrorist as he does oil companies? Because he simply does not see it as a huge problem and is trying to down play it at every turn.

  7. “The pace and number of attempted terror attacks against the U.S. over the past nine months has surpassed the number of attempts during any previous one-year period, according to an internal Department of Homeland Security report issued on Friday, May 21. ”
    That’s a quote from the article you link to. It clearly doesn’t say what you just stated in your first sentence.
    Also, it is a logical fallacy to say that because there is an increae in terrorist attempts that we are less safe. Two points here. First, the scale of the attempted attacks have been reduced to single instances of smaller scale attacks which would mean that there would necessarily have to be more successful attacks in order to change the average safety of an individual such as could be neasured in anyway. Secondly, the number of attempts doesn’t speak to the ability of the government to adapt to this change in strategy by the enemies.
    Lastly, you don’t get to ignore the fact that Obama has stepped up pressure on Al Qaida in Pakistan. Either admit you were wrong, or go against FOX news tells you.

  8. And, do not get to ignore the fact that it’s because of obama that we are facing more terrorist attacks. It’s because of is policies. Many small attacks can be just as bad as one large attack. Another complete failure by obama, we are less secure now than ever before. Thanks, obama.

    I don’t trust a thing this guy says.

  9. Oh, C’mon, I want you to type it out. You can do it. Just say that Obama has put more pressure on Al Qaida in Pakistan. You can do it. It’ll only hurt a little.

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