Obama Flashback: A Supreme Court Nominee With No Judicial Experience Requires Extreme Scrutiny

May 13, 2010 at 1:22 pm | Posted in National Politics, obama, Supreme Court, White House scandals | 8 Comments

We will see if once again obama says one thing and does another. � Obama Flashback: A Supreme Court Nominee With No Judicial Experience Requires Extreme Scrutiny.



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  1. There’s naked hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle in this nomination. I would however object to any serious attempt to compare Harriet Miers to Elena Kagan much further than the not having been a judge issue.

  2. Nobody is saying they are alike. obama is just an idiot for saying something like that and then nominating a person without bench experence and hoping she’ll be fast tracked for approval.

  3. Sure. I just can’t get all that worked up about it. I’ll reserve judgement until I get a good look at her throughout the confirmation process. As for Obama, he just said what politicians say. I would go into the quotes of republicans gushing over Harriet Miers and how hypocritical they seem now talking about Elena Kagan, but I just don’t care. Sometimes playing to your base means you say absolutely opposing things. That’s just what politicians do. Ideally we’d do without it, but if wishes were fishes, you know?

    • I agree with you that’s what politicians do. However, obama said he was not the usual politician. He was going to change Washington. Remember, hope and change?

  4. Yes, Obama’s brand was that he was somehow above the fray, but again that is also what politicians do. That’s why McCain’s brand was that of ‘Maverick’. The implication is that a maverick does what he feels is right, not what furthers his political agenda. But, are you really surprised to find out that McCain plays the political game like everyone else does? I’m not, nor am I surprised to find out the same is true of Obama. And, honestly, Obama was right when he said a supreme court nominee with no judicial experience requires extreme scrutiny. Let’s see if she gets it.

  5. So, you’ve just admitted obama is an empty suit, and is just a lier. Welcome to the right side.

    The media gave McCain the nickname of “Maverick” until two years ago, and then he suddenly became a “conservative” in their eyes. The media then realized he was going to be the GOP candidate for President and of course had to change their coverage of him.

  6. No, I admitted he is a politician, which he is. He’s not an empty suit, he’s our duely elected president.
    McCain whole heartedly accepted the monacer of maverick, until he didn’t.

  7. He’s an empty suit. He lies at every turn, and you admitted that. Thanks again.

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