Good news for the rule of law.

May 11, 2010 at 8:40 am | Posted in Illegal Aliens, liberalism, Media bias, Mexican crime | 11 Comments

If one just depended on the MSM for their news regarding the new  Arizona anti-illegal alien law, they would think it was the worse law ever passed and very unpopular.   

Of course the truth is much different, and in fact the law is very popular not just in Arizona, but around the Nation.    The fact two petition attempts have already ended is further proof the law is supported by the majority in the State.



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  1. I don’t understand people who want limited government empowering the police to arrest any citizen who doesn’t carry proof of their legal statis with them. That’s about as big and intrusive as you get.

  2. It’s called National Security. Do you not feel we should have a right to know who is in the Country and if they are here legally?

  3. Yes, but not at the expense of our liberty. Namely not being arrested for not carrying my wallet.

  4. I mean, I do carry my wallet. But I really feel I should have the luxury of forgetting it every once in a while. Ya know, like happens sometimes.

  5. Nobody is going to get stopped because they do not have their wallet. Being here illegally has nothing to do with our liberty. We have to show id to buy beer, to vote, to purchase goods in stores. Why should people not have to prove they are here legally?

  6. You simpleton, this law presumes guilt. The presumption of innocense is paramount in our system, otherwise you can be arrested having never broken the law. The problem with this law isn’t that we might catch some illegal aliens, it’s that we’ll definately catch some citizens. Everyday people who’s only crime was being a hispanic citizen who left his wallet at the bar by accident. And what are you going to tell that person after the humiliation of being arrested? Sorry, I had to be sure. Next time don’t forget your I.D..

  7. This law is big government. Very very BIG GOVERNMENT.

  8. Maybe you’ll understand once you’ve empowered police to ask you to prove you haven’t done other illegal things when they stop you.
    “Hello officer, is everything ok? I wasn’t speeding was I?”
    “No sir. You’re tail light is out but, could you please provide me with proof that you aren’t here to pick up some cocaine? No? Then I’ll arrest you and we’ll sort it out at the station.”

  9. The law does not presumes guilt on anyone. Nobody is going to be pulled over or stopped walking down the street because they do not have their wallet. If they are stopped for a legal reason, cannot produce ID and there are other signs that they are possibly illegal.

    The same was said of Prince William County, VA, when they passed their law. All we heard from the illegal supporters was there were going to be law suits, etc. None of that came true.

    Border security is not a sign of big government.

  10. It is exactly the presumption of guilt. The law compels an officer to arrest and detain anyone who the officer suspects upon cursory inspection to be illegal, unless that individual can produce documentation of their legal status. And that my dear friend could be you as easily as any illegal who doesn’t have ID on their person for whatever reason.

    The practical implication of enforcement of this law is to demand that american citizens must carry identification or be subject to arrest at the suspicion of officers of the law. Not just illegals. Heck, it demands that any visiting american citizen be able to provide proof of their citizenship if asked by authorities during a routine stop.

    And, none of this is even coming close to the unbelievably ludicrous assertion that this law doesn’t institutionalize profiling. Which by its very nature it must do, unless you can identify a way of determining the legal status of a person without using skin color, language barriers, or any number of other legal but clearly racially divisive means.

  11. I suppose that I should be very clear on this point. I agree that illegals are a problem, and should be subject to our laws as they pertain to non-citizens residing in the country, however we are humans. We’ve been evolving better and better ways of dealing with complex situations for many many years now without necessarily giving up our own rights or security in the process. Yes it’s hard, but we can find a better way than to proactively arrest people until their legal status is ascertained.

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