Another milestone for obama.

May 11, 2010 at 7:48 am | Posted in economy, Governement take over of the private sector, liberalism, Media bias, obama, White House scandals | 8 Comments

He set the record for having the most people on food stamps.   Way to go obama.



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  1. “Nearly 40 million Americans received food stamps — the latest in an ever-higher string of record enrollment that dates from December 2008 and the U.S. recession, according to a government update.”
    Yup, Obama started getting us onto food stamps before he was even president. He’s magical. In reality the number of americans recieving food stamps is a direct result of the recession. If we are being honest here, it isn’t surprising that government aid would increase during a recession now is it.

    • He took office in 01/09, and passed his “stimulus” package a couple of months later that was supposed to turn around the economy. He has failed to do that, and as a result more people are on food stamps than ever before. Take away one month and it’s still his problem. Again, way to go obama.

  2. No it’s not. If it were, Congress would not have had to pass another jobs bill, and schools would not have closed around the Country. obama promised the stimulus package would both save and create jobs, and save schools from closing.

    • I’m sorry, but just you typing drivel doesn’t make it true. The job numbers say you are wrong. And frankly, that’s because you are. The private sector has gained jobs for the last three consecutive months and virtually every economist credits that accomplishment at least in part to the stimulus package. The new jobs bill wasn’t to inject a massive shot of cash into the system as the stimulus was or to prop up the failing system. It was to facilitate growth in specific targeted areas of the economy. Yes, the economy is bad, but you can’t be so cynical as to believe that anyone seriously believed the stimulus package would have us out of the weeds in a years time, or that no additional legislation might be needed to stabilize the economy.

      • obama said the stimulus would save jobs, it did not, since the unemployment rate went up, he said it would prevent schools from closing, it did not. He said it would help companies like catapilar rehire people, and he was wrong.

        He said it would have an instant impact on the economy, it did not. Adding Government jobs does not get the economy moving. Adding debt does not get the economy going.

        obama like most libs only see the Government as the solution to every problem. So, that is why they keep passing “stimulus” packages. And the jobs bill was passed because the “stimulus” package failed, period.

        obama has a been a huge failure. He is an empty suit and nothing more.

  3. “obama said the stimulus would save jobs, it did not”

    Can you name a single state governor that didn’t petition the government for their portion of the stimulus funds with grand estimates about the numbers of potential jobs? Can you name one senator that didn’t pass out stimulus funds to various projects employing people in their states? I’ll wager you can’t. And of all those that did recieve the funds, if they didn’t use it to create or save endangered jobs in their states you should investigate them for theft.

    “he said it would prevent schools from closing, it did not”

    “He said it would help companies like catapilar rehire people, and he was wrong”


    “Adding Government jobs does not get the economy moving.”

    Yes it does when the government is the only institution with the ability to get a loan big enough to bankroll the economy for a short period while it recovers.

  4. Oh and a small aside, most of the recent job growth hasn’t been government jobs.
    290,000 total jobs created
    -60,000 government jobs
    =230,000 private sector jobs (like catapilar)

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