Another high school teacher expresses his true feelings.

May 10, 2010 at 8:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Another great example of what multiculturalism has done for the Nation.

As if the case of the five American high school students being sent home for wearing American Flag thremed shirts was just an isolated incident, here is another high school teacher who has no problems telling us his true feelings.   

To the media and the libs, the real enimy is not this guy, but the tea party folks.    

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  1. To be sure, the gentleman in the video is wrong… well, more than wrong. But, I wonder if you think that he would be able to pull such an attentive crowd of people together to espouse his beliefs to without the provocation of the newly passed law in Arizona? Thanks for giving him a platform.

  2. He did not make these comments in response to the Arizona law. This video is from 2008. The Arizona law is really not that different from Federal Law. A legal immigrant must carry their green card at all times. Illegals who come in contact with Federal agents are subject to deportation. It’s already illegal to work in the United States.

    However, because the Federal Government is not enforcing the laws, people just assume what Arizona is doing is wrong.

    Though, I do think it is timely to show just how the illegal supporters feel, they simply do not want any laws against illegal immigration and feel the Southwest is their Nation.

    I’m not giving him a platform, he already has one. It’s called the public school system.

  3. My apologies, aparently the video dates at least as far back as Nov, 2007. However, I have been unable to identify much specific information about the rally at which the incident occurred. Without that information anything said about his motives is speculation, but the UnionDelBarrio website referenced at the beginning of the video is a website seemingly dedicated to the legalization of all current illegals, cessation of ICE raids, and even more porous borders. Honestly, I’ve met illegals who think that is nuts.

  4. Of course it’s nuts to think that. But think about why people are upset with Arizona passing their anti-illegal alien law, because it will enforce the law. There are a lot of people who do not want immigration laws to be enforced. Hence thats why we see signs like “no human is illegal” we are all immigrants, etc.

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