Here is a typical tactic by the liberal media.

May 5, 2010 at 7:44 am | Posted in Anti-Americanism., liberalism, Media bias | Leave a comment

This is pretty old hat for the COMPOST. They run a ton of stories and editorials on an issue, group, party, etc, while pushing a certain agenda.  In this case it is the “Tea Parties”.   The COMPOST like most of the other liberal media took cues from their fellow libs in Congress and painted the Tea Parties as being full of racists and people who were protesting against obama only because he is black.  Very little substance and or examples are provided to back up their opinion. But, never mind, that’s how the COMPOST works. 

Now, they come out with this article.    Is the Tea Party really battling this perception?  Maybe only in the eyes of the liberal media.   For Americans who live in the real World, that’s not the case.   

Has the COMPOST ever done such an article on the illegals and their supporters who protest our immigration laws?  Of course not, because the COMPOST does not believe people in that movement can be racists, anti-American etc.    So, in their opinion there is no need to do such a story because there is none.


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