An example of hatred and historical dishonesty.

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It just amazes me to see people who confess to not like hate and sterotyping. I realize Confederate Heritage is an easy target to attack. I suppose for some they feel larger for it, and must feel as if they score points in the eyes of the PC police for engaging in such attacks. Cwmemory, though, might take first prize for not only being a hate page, but also for having the nerve to proclaim they are interesting in talking about the war and are very serious in that endever. Nothing could be further from the truth. Oh, they enjoy talking about the war, and as long as you agree with their opinion, they are fine. However, once it is obvious you do not agree with them, you will soon find the owner of the blog will no longer allow you to post. Of course they continue to make posts knowing you are not able to respond. Yup, that’s classy. They don’t care much to talk about slavery in the North, and act as if slavery was only a blight on the South. And, while there were more slaves in the South, one cannot be a serious historian, as some on the blog like to be considered, and not admit and discuss slavery in the north, before, during and after the War Between the States. The other big hang up cwmemory has it seems is with black Confederates. Now, I’m not going to say there were thousands upon thousands, but to deny blacks fought for the South is wrong. However, how cwmemory sees it, because “officially” blacks were not allowed to serve in the Confederate Army until very late in the war, they dismiss any service by blacks before that to not be legitimate. They also opine blacks who were slaves do not qualify either since those blacks did not have a choice in fighting. So, as you can see, even if blacks did serve, they will not reconize the service since it does not fit their defination of service. Nevermind that women were not allowe to serve, but that happend too. Nevermind that there are accounts of blacks fighting for the South. Also, try talking to them about blacks fighting in the American Revolutionary War. Afterall there were black slaves fighting on the American side, and in fact England had a policy that provided if blacks switched sides and fought for the English they would win their freedom if England won the war. I guess one could say the Rev war than was a war fought over slavery. However, for some on the blog, they don’t want to talk about that either.


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