Economic, demographic shifts threaten Alexandria's diversity | Washington Examiner

April 20, 2010 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Anti-Americanism., liberalism | Leave a comment

Alexandria  is worried about the loss of white residents, and the City wants to take steps to stop the loss in the name of diversity.  Ok, I’m joking about the race that is leaving the City, but I’m not joking about the fact Alexandria is worried they are becoming less diverse. 

In typical liberal fashion, the City(Government) feels it’s up to them to decide who should live in their City based on race and ethnicity.  Notice though, when it comes to illegals, the same City does not want to target people by race or ethnicity, even though getting illegals out of the City would be a benefit.  

If the libs were not so serious, this would be a pretty funny story.  But, of course they are dead serious about trying to retain their diversity.  I wonder how Alexandria, and for that matter the entire Nation  survive when we did not focus on diversity?   Liberals believe the Government is the answer to every question, except of course when it comes to killing babies, and this  attitude  that each City should have racial and ethnic diversity is their way of population engineering.   Libs are obsessed with race and ethnicity, rather than let people decide where they would like to live, they want people to feel bad about making their own choice of where to live. 

Like the announcement today that the  FDA is going to mandate lower salt levels in food, the Government believes it knows best.

Lastly, do you really think Alexandria would be as concerned if the white population was dropping?   Well, we sort of know that answer, and it would be no.   Which of course makes their attempts now even more sinister. 

Economic, demographic shifts threaten Alexandria’s diversity | Washington Examiner.


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