City School Board members show just how stupid they are.

April 19, 2010 at 8:59 pm | Posted in City of Manassas, Illegal Aliens, Public education., Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I attended the school board forum tonight and one of the questions asked of the candidates, was why should people choose to send their kids to City schools where 34% of the student population is limited English learners and 48% of the student population is enrolled in the free lunch program.

Now, keep in mind one of the overriding issues of the night was how the school system does not have a lot of money(only 89 million, cry me a river for 6,000 or so students). 

So, you would think the candidates would raise concerns that ESL students are using more resources than regular students, how having so many in the free lunch program is not beneficial, etc.  Nope, they all said how it’s great to be diverse.  One member, Tim Demeria, said even MIT had such students.   Tim, they may have some, but nowhere near the numbers the City has. 

As the numbers get worse, and they will, why will people want to put their kids in a school system where they will be at a disadvantage to the ESL students who will continue to take valuable resources, but from neighboring school districts that do not have so many illegals and poor students.  

If we had smart people running for the school board, they would understand that once a tipping point is reached school districts never recover, because families that understand the importance of a good education move on, and what is left are families that do not participate in their kids education. 

However, it seems the candidates are only concerned with how much tax payer money they can waste.   Otherwise, they would realize the Supreme Court ruled States are not required to spend as much money on ESL students as once thought.

I endorse my dog over any of the people running for school board.  What tools they are.  They cry about not having money, but do not want to do anything to save money by kicking out illegals from ESL classes and putting them into regular classes, where they will not cost more to educate than regular students


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