More attacks on the South.

April 12, 2010 at 11:11 pm | Posted in Anti-Americanism., Confederate, Media bias, National Politics, Virginia Politics | Leave a comment

It’s amazing how the left get their panties in a twist when it comes to the Confederate States of America.    The Confederate Month Proclamation Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell released last week, was enough to revive the standard hatred from the left. 

Because the Proclamation did not contain any mention of slavery, you would have thought Governor McDonnell has committed the ultimate sin.  A that point, it was easy to see who is educated  on the war and who is not based on their response.   Mostly it seems the people on the left are uneducated on the war.  For if the were, they would know Virginia did not secede from the Union because of slavery and in fact had rejected secession once already before voting for it, but only after Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to join up to put down the lower Southern States that had already seceded.  At that point, the Commonwealth said enough was enough and left the Union, the same way it joined, by a vote of the General Assembly which was following the will of the people.

While slavery did play a role in the war, it was not the major issue and by no means the reason the war started. Again, if people had a clue, the would know Abe Lincoln simply wanted to save the Union and he was fine if the war freed some of the slave, all of them or known of them.   Four Union States practiced slavery until after the war, including West Virginia which was admitted as a slave State by Lincoln in 1863.   But in today’s society it’s easier to be pc and lazy about facts, then it is to take the time and study an issue. 

Since slavery was by no means just a mark against the South, it was a mark against the entire Nation.  So, while some might have thought it was  wrong to not include slavery in the proclamation, it was the right thing to do, since no other issue of why the war was started was included.   

The fall out continues as some in the media are comparing Confederate Soldiers to Nazi’s and radical islamic terrorists.    All of that of course is incorrect and just down right insulting.  Considering the millions of Southerners who have fought for and defended America by serving in the Military after 1865, many of them descendents of Confederate soldiers, it’s a slap in the face for their service.   I would venture to say that if not for the willingness of Southerners to serve, America likely would not have the military we have today and certainly not in the past.

One of the greatest American Generals, George S. Patton, was a direct descendant from a Confederate soldier.   He did not hide this, and in fact was very open about it.    It’s a good thing he served in a different time, otherwise the pc police would brand him a racist and traitor.


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