The political process has forever been changed.

March 22, 2010 at 7:36 pm | Posted in Congress, Governement take over of the private sector, Health care., liberalism, National Politics, obama, White House scandals | Leave a comment

While the libs are celebrating getting the health care bill passed, one of the early victims is our political process of how bills are created, debated and passed.   It’s obvious to everyone but the most partisan lefty the health care bill is not popular with the majority of Americans.     However, the questions and doubts of Americans were not enough for obama and his fellow libs to step back and take another look.  No, in typical lib fashion they insulted and spoke down to Americans by explaining we are not just smart enough to realize what is good for us.

How proud should obama and his fellow libs be in passing this bill?  If they had to break and or bend rules to make a mockery of the rule of law?   From here on out, it appears any chance for bi-partisanship has forever been damaged thanks to how the libs handled the bill. 

obama spent months attacking Republicans for holding up the health care bill, when the GOP had no say in the matter, due to being the minority party in Washington.  All along of course, it was the non left wing nuts of the liberal party that was holding up the health care bill.     But, it’s much easier to campaign against the opposing party then your own political party, and that is exactly what obama did.  

The abuse of power by the very party that complained President Bush was abusing power is pretty ironic.  Did President Bush push amnesty, or social security reform on a Congress or Country that was not willing to go along with the plans?  Nope.  

From here on, obama and his fellow libs will resort to the same tactics to pass bills that are not popular, amnesty, cap and trade, and other liberal pet projects. 

We’ll see in November if voters are willing to accept such leadership, or if they send the libs packing to the unemployment line.


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