Immigration bill backers try again despite jobless rate – Washington Times

December 15, 2009 at 4:06 pm | Posted in Anti-Americanism., Illegal Aliens, obama, Uncategorized, White House scandals | 2 Comments

Here we go again with amnesty.   These people obviously are out of touch and could care less about the Average American, and are only looking out for their own agenda.    It’s time to call Congress and tell them once and for all we do not support amnesty.  

Immigration bill backers try again despite jobless rate – Washington Times.



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  1. Funny thing is that those illegal immigrants already have jobs, and legalizing them *may* increase the tax base.

    Too bad we have not been able to get an effective deportation plan working.

    • I don’t want people who have broken a number of laws getting rewarded for their law breaking. This bill is worse than the one in 2007. It really is an insult to the Country.

      Also, if illegals are provided Citizenship, or legal status, that allows them access to many social services they are not entitled to now, which may off set any gains in taxes that might be collected.
      Furthermore, since many illegals are in the service industry, lack any formal education, it’s unlikely they would be able to get good paying jobs. Which means, their income level may not even reach a tax bracket where they end up paying taxes. They will just get a refund every year. That of course will be a double wammy, because not only will we have an increase in social service costs, we won’t see an increase in tax revenue.

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