Manassas City Council approves rough draft of the 2011 budget

November 23, 2009 at 11:19 pm | Posted in City of Manassas | 2 Comments

It’s not a shock to see a poor outlook for the budget.    I’d like to hear the reasons why Andy Harrover supports higher taxes.



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  1. the way I read that article, Andy wants to keep all options on the table. I know your main focus is illegals in our schools and the costs of that, but lacking a change in the distribution percentage to the schools what do you want Council to do? Do you want to cut police or fire or streets or some other essential services? To what long term detriment to our City, or increase in crime or lives or property lost? Because of how it works you can’t just cut dollars to the schools without also cutting elsewhere in government, so what else would YOU cut? If maintaing essential services means a tax increase, much as I hate the government taking more taxes the long term health of the City must be maintained or there will BE no tax base for the future.

    • That might be the case for Andy, but Marc made it clear he could not support tax increases, and he voted differently then Andy did. As it was explained to me, because we now have an elected school board, the City Council has less say over how the money given to the school board is spent. Furthermore, because of the silly agreement the Council has with the school board, the school board is the only department, agency, etc, that is “promised” a certain percentage of the overall budget. To me that is just stupid, every department I would think, has wants and comes up with a figure of how much money they need to operate. The fact the police department is not expected to get a certain percentage, but the school board is wrong.

      If we were to go back to an appointed school board, which of course would be carried out by the Council, they would have much more control over how much money the school board would receive. I believe that is the first step that needs to be taken in order to get spending under control. We also need to change the system, if as you said, if cuts are made to the school budget, cuts also have to be made to the the police department. To me, not only is that wrong, since it implies there is waste in both departments, but it does not make any sense. The City needs to adapt a simple budget.

      The only place I see waste is in the school budget and other departments should not have money taken away if they are not part of the problem.

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