Commie loving ex White House aid continues to show just how far left obama really is.

November 16, 2009 at 8:57 pm | Posted in liberalism, Media bias | 2 Comments

Anita Dunn was exposed as a lover of Mao Tse Tung, the Communist leader over the summer. She continued to make news by attacking Fox news channel.   She recently continued her attack on Fox News.  She also says MSNBC is not a biased network.  Ya, right.  While she points out Fox news edited a news story, she failed to find any problems with how msnbc edited a news story regarding people showing up at events obama was appearing at to make it seem only white males were doing it.  When the truth was msnbc showed the body of a man including his gun,  but did not show his face, the man happened to be black.  However, that would not fit with the slant of their story, so they edited out any shots of his face.

MSNBC also ran stories about Rush Limbaugh using quotes that were made up to make it appear Rush was a racist.   They later admitted to it, but did not apologize.   Yet, Anita Dunn, has no problems with that kind of news, because she is a communist.




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  1. you really need to limit your Beck exposure.

    • Why is that? I suppose if I just watched msnbc, which again was caught using fake photos, I would be just fine right? msnbc is a joke and their ratings prove that out.

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