More fear mongering from the left.

September 29, 2009 at 8:34 pm | Posted in Health care., liberalism, National Politics | Leave a comment

Another liberal warns of violence due to the health care debate. 

Patrick Kennedy, the son of the late Ted Kennedy, is following in the foot steps of blinky, whom just two weeks ago warned of violence during the heath care debate.    Not only is this fear mongering of the worst type, since there has been nowhere near the type of violence these two nitwits claim might happen, but I wonder where he was for the past eight years, when President Bush faced protesters from the left.  I don’t recall either blinky or Kennedy asking for people to tone down their rhetoric against Bush. 

Furthermore, I guess Kennedy did not watch the news last week to see the violent G-20 protesters where the military had to help out the local Pittsburgh Police because of the protesters.   But, again because those protesters are liberal anti-Capitalists, Kennedy apparently has not issues with them.  But, by God, let people peacefully protest in Washington DC, and it’s equal to political assassinations. 

Equally appalling is the fact Kennedy says people should not attack the motives of those pushing for a Government health care system, when it’s his fellow liberals are doing that very thing to people who oppose the health care bill by saying people are only against because they are racist.   Talk about projecting. 

The goal of such tactics is to shut down debate and to smear anyone who might speak out against the Government plan.    Well, sorry Patrick, that is not going to happen.  Americans are not going to be scared into not speaking out against a bad  plan.


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