Another weak attempt to justify using the race card.

September 19, 2009 at 2:07 pm | Posted in Media bias, National Politics | Leave a comment

While I’m sure Mrs Kelley, is pretty smart, she falls into the same pit that everyone does when trying to play the race card.   She thinks by using it, it will shut down any debate and people will shut up because they do not want to be considered racist.

I’ll give anyone a Billion dollars if they can present to me an example of an elected official who never faced criticism while in office.   The fact is that while the left wants us to believe there is nothing to criticize obama about, and that if he is criticized it’s not for his misguided polices, it’s not for his many lies told on the campaign trail, or in the last six month, it’s only because he is half black.   Do they really believe he should not face criticism?  Really?  If so, they are just dumb. 

The left spent the last eight years bashing President Bush to no end.  Yet, of course none of that was based on race.   President Clinton tried to pass health care reform in 1993, it failed, did it fail because the people who spoke out against it were racist?  Or just against a Government take over of health care?   The real reason why some on the left are using the race card is because they are desperate to shut down debate over the health care debate, they see the polls showing an increased displeasure with obama and his policies and because it just can’t be the smartest bestest man ever has any flaws, it’s all due to racism.   

Only six months into the term, the left has used their last weapon, the race card,  in hopes of protecting obama, and it will fail.   America elected obama, therefore showing the Country is not consumed with race as much as the left would like us to believe.   Americans are a fair people and will not tolerate long being called racists.   If some on the left continue to use the race card, the backlash will be huge against obama and the Dems.  

The bottom line is that obama has misled on the stimulus package, on the economy, on the unemployment numbers, and now on the health care bill.  Now, we know why he wanted it passed in two weeks, to avoid what is going on now,  an open debate on the merits of the bill. 

I’d also like to point out how the left treats non lefty minorities.   How has Clarence Thomas been treated?  Michael Steele?  Alberto Gonzales?  The list goes on.  The real racists are those on the left who feel minorities should only be democrats.


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