Deeds and the illegals.

September 18, 2009 at 12:37 pm | Posted in Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 1 Comment

Creigh Deeds explained during his debate with Bob McDonnell that took place in Fairfax, that illegal immigration was a federal issue and up to the Federal Government to handle,  though, he felt it was an important issue, but not important enough to take away from other issues he feels are more important.  

Fair enough I suppose, he can believe having illegals in the Commonwealth is not that big of a deal. However, I’m sure the many crime victims of illegals feel differently, as do many other Virginians who respect the rule of law.  

Could his opinion also have something to do with labor unions who are backing Deeds.  In recent years as union membership has fallen, there has been a shift among some union in their opinion of illegals.  Unions at one time did not support illegals because they rightly believed illegals took away jobs from Americans.  Now, however with the falling membership, unions see illegals as a way to add to the membership rolls and attempt to stay relevant.     

As for the Federal Government being responsible for illegal immigration, and we should continue to push to have them do that job.  But, I find it troubling that Deeds seems unwilling to take on some of that responsibility when it’s clear the Feds are not willing to do it.    Would Deeds feel the same about any other issue affecting the Commonwealth?   Would he just let a problem fester simply because he feels the Federal Government needs to be the one doing the job?   

Either answer is troubling and not good for Virginia.   


On the other hand, Bob McDonnell, while he agrees the overall responsibility of illegal immigration lies with the Federal Government, he also knows the State needs to step up efforts to rid the State of illegals since it’s clear without taking some responsibility, the problem of illegal immigration is just going to get worse.


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  1. The question each candidate should answer is should state and local efforts already in place or being worked be rescinded? We all agree it is fundamentally a Federal issue, I would like to see each candidate tell jurisdictions that HAVE taken action what their position on the actions taken would be if they were sitting in the Mansion.

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